Proceedings of International Conference on VLSI, Communication, Advanced Devices, Signals & Systems and Networking (VCASAN-2013), 1st Edition

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This book is a collection of papers presented by renowned researchers, keynote speakers, and academicians in the International Conference on VLSI, Communication, Analog Designs, Signals & Systems and Networking (VCASAN-2013), organized by B.N.M. Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India during July 17–19, 2013. The book provides global trends in cutting-edge technologies in electronics and communication engineering. The content of the book is useful to engineers, researchers, and academicians as well as industry professionals.

Table of Contents

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Patrons and Committees.
1: Keynotes.
2: Leveraging Today's Innovation for Tomorrow's Success Connecting the World from Cloud Data Centers to Consumer's Tablets.
3: Technology for SMART HOME.
4: Industry Trends and EDA Tool Vendor Readiness for New Inventions in Chip Design.
5: Semiconductor Technology Enabling Smart Electronics.
6: Advent of Internet 2.0 and Its Implications on the Semiconductor Industry.
7: Retracing a Humble Path: BNM Institute of Technology.
8: Platform SOC for SMART Home.
9: Electronics and Digital Computing Techniques for Images and Image Processing.
10: VLSI.
11: System Verilog Based SOC Verification Environment for FLASH MEMORY.
12: Behavioral Modeling of LDO.
13: Regulated Cascode Preamplifier-Based Front-End Readout ASIC “ANUSPARSH” for Resistive Plate Chamber Detector.
14: Fault-Tolerant Reversible Logic for Combinational Circuits: A Survey.
15: A CMOS Standard Cell-Based Time-to-Digital Converter.
16: Task Migration for 3 × 3 Tile-Based NoC Architecture.
17: Design and Implementation of an Efficient Multiplier Using Vedic Mathematics and Charge Recovery Logic.
18: Error Detection and Correction in Embedded Memories Using Cyclic Code.
19: Determining Standard Cell Drive Strength Based on On-Chip Load Assessment.
20: Design of 12-Bit Cyclic Vernier Ring Time-to-Digital Converter.
21: Adder-Based Address Generation for Embedded MBIST.
22: Circuit Design Methodologies for Test Power Reduction in Nano-Scaled Technologies.
23: Communication.
24: Study of Continuous Nonlinear FM Pulse Compression Technique.
25: Performance Evaluation of New Multilevel Spreading Codes for Synchronous DS-CDMA Communication.
26: A Novel Method for Construction of Structured Regular LDPC Codes with Girth Twelve Using Gray Code Representations.
27: Neuro-Curvelet Model for Efficient Image Compression Using Vector Quantization.
28: Advanced Devices.
29: A Novel Design of Narrowband Bandpass Filters on PTFE Laminate Using Radial Stubs.
30: The Design and Simulation of 0.5 dB Noise-Figure RF Narrowband LNA.
31: Design and Development of DC-DC Converter System to Drive a PZT Stack Actuator.
32: Development of Technique for Making Ohmic Contacts to PEDOT-PSS Films.
33: A Comparative Study of Performance of Ring Resonator and Disk Resonator in Gas Sensing Applications.
34: Simulation and Optimization of Channel Mobility in High-k/Metal Gate Nanoscale MOSFETs.
35: Signals and Systems.
36: An Improved Artificial Neural Network Based Emotion Classification System for Expressive Facial Images.
37: DSP–FPGA-Based Parallel Architecture for Acquisition and Compression of Instrumented Pipeline Inspection Gauge Data in Real Time.
38: A Contourlet Transform-Based Versatile Watermarking Algorithm for Medical Images.
39: Application of Wavelet Shrinkage Denoising Method Based on Genetic Algorithm to Partial Discharge Signals.
40: Automatic Image Mosaicing Using Discrete Cosine Transform.
41: Visual Cryptography for Color Images with Meaningful Shares Using Image Fusion Technique.
42: Automatic Detection of Microaneurysms from Fundus Images Using Morphological Operations.
43: AERB SG D-25 and IEC 60880 for Certification of Software in Safety Systems of Indian NPP.
44: Selective Rotation-Based CORDIC Architecture for High-Speed Applications.
45: Bio-Inspired Image Processing for Contour Enhancement and Fourier Spectrum Model for Orientation and Motion Detection.
46: Efficient Color Image Retrieval with Selective Relevance Feedback.
47: Nonlinear Dynamical Analysis of Speech Signals.
48: A Survey on Gaze Estimation Techniques.
49: Handwritten Script Recognition Using DCT, Gabor Filter, and Wavelet Features at Word Level.
50: Word-Based LID Using HMM and Bi-gram Modeling.
51: Discrimination of Handwritten and Machine Printed Text in Scanned Document Images.
52: Harmonic Analysis and Its Elimination in Nonlinear Loads Using Wavelet Transform.
53: Lanczos Resampling for the Digital Processing of Remotely Sensed Images.
54: Performance Analysis of Adaptive DOA Estimation Algorithms for Mobile Applications.
55: Networking.
56: Design of Security Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Attack Behavior: Proactive Approach.
57: Ingress Flow Based Triple Token Bucket Traffic Control System for Distributed Networks.
58: An Algorithm to Find Minimal Cut-Sets of Complex Network.
59: IPv6-Based Network Performance Metrics Using Active Measurements.
60: A Survey of Virtualization Techniques in Cloud Computing.
Author Index.