History Behind the Headlines Series

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  • Today's newspapers are filled with reports of conflicts between nations. Some conflicts have recently erupted; many have been going on for years. But most of them have deep-rooted, historical causes that are not explained in the media. That's what makes History Behind The Headlines big news for librarians, students, teachers, and other researchers, who will consult it over and over again. For important background information on long-term ethnic, religious, political, territorial, and economic conflicts between nations today, there isn't a more targeted ongoing print series. Volume 5 of History Behind The Headlines is a special volume devoted entirely to topics of terrorism. Each biannual volume includes approximately 30 entries arranged alphabetically by either the major country involved or the subject of the conflict. This title offers a unique and in-depth analysis, tracing significant international conflicts back to their earliest stages.


Features and Benefits

  • Entries are complete with overview essays, photographs, maps, charts, primary document excerpts, short biographies, current status, and much more.