Slavery, 1st Edition

  • Reg Grant
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  • ISBN-10: 0756659698
  • ISBN-13: 9780756659691
  • Grade Level Range: 5th Grade - 12th Grade
  • 191 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2012 | Published/Released December 2010
  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2012

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Slavery has plagued the history of humankind for thousands of years, from the conquered peoples of Ancient times to the millions of Africans stolen from their homelands and forced into work that helped build America and the modern world. But what was it like to be a slave, endure such terrible hardships, and fight for freedom? Here historical information combines with moving personal stories to give your child the story behind slavery. Maps, charts, timelines, and artifacts provide eye-opening context, and the testimony of slaves featured in the book will take your child behind the statistics. Help them discover the real story behind an evil trade that still exists even today.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Half Title Page.
Copyright Page.
Title Page.
1: Background to Slavery.
2: Slavery in Ancient Times.
3: Ancient Greece and Rome.
4: Voices Slavery in Classical Greece and Rome.
5: Christians and Muslims.
6: Africa and Slavery.
7: European Explorations.
8: Catastrophe in the Americas.
9: Settlement and Exploitation.
10: The Atlantic Slave Trade.
11: Portuguese Prelude.
12: Rise of the Atlantic Slave Trade.
13: The Slave Trade at Its Peak.
14: Patterns of Trade.
15: A World of Wealth.
16: The Impact on Africa.
17: Voices on the African Coast.
18: Counting the Cost.
19: How the Slave Trade Worked.
20: Becoming Enslaved.
21: Buyers and Sellers.
22: The Middle Passage.
23: Voices the Crossing.
24: Insurrection and Resistance.
25: Arrival and Sale.
26: Life in Slavery.
27: Where Enslaved People Lived.
28: What Slaves Did.
29: Sugar Plantations.
30: Voices Forced Labor.
31: Slaves of the Colonists.
32: Resisting Bondage.
33: Slave Families.
34: Slave Owners.
35: King Cotton.
36: Sold and Moved.
37: Voices Treated Like Animals.
38: Plantation Life.
39: Achievement Against the Odds.
40: Free People of Color.
41: Voices Black in the Us.
42: African-Americans and Christianity.
43: Building a Culture.
44: The Fight for Freedom.
45: Questioning Slavery.
46: Independence for All?.
47: The United States Divided.
48: Voices American Efforts.
49: Campaigners in Britain.
50: Abolishing the Slave Trade.
51: Voices British Abolitionists.
52: Enforcing the Ban.
53: Back to Africa.
54: Abolishing Slavery in the Americas.
55: Rebellion in Haiti.
56: Slavery Ends in the British Empire.
57: Compromise on Slavery.
58: American Uprisings.
59: The American Abolitionists.
60: The Propaganda War.
61: Voices Calls for Freedom.
62: The Underground Railroad.
63: Fugitives and Freedom.
64: Bleeding Kansas.
65: “Lincoln Becomes President”.
66: Secession and Civil War.
67: African-Americans in the Civil War.
68: Emancipation Proclaimed.
69: Voices Glad to Be Free.
70: Abolition in Brazil and Cuba.
71: Aftermath of Slavery.
72: Life After Slavery.
73: Reconstruction and Racism.
74: The Freedom Struggle Continues.
75: Slavery and Memory.
76: Voices Legacy of Slavery.
77: Slavery Today.
Credits and Acknowledgments.