Reports of the U.S. Military Government for Germany, U.S. Zone, 1945-1953

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Prepared by the Office of the Military Government, U.S. Zone, Germany. Published in cooperation with the Center for Military History.

These reports begin with logistical and financial plans for the U.S. occupation and continue through preparations for West German sovereignty in the early 1950s. The monthly reports issued between July 1945 and September 1949 are divided into sections dealing with such areas as the Allied Control Authority for Berlin, cultural and social affairs, de-Nazification, education, religion, and industry.

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"These reports constitute a detailed, month-by-month record of the harsh occupation regime of 1945-46, the Marshall Plan, and the Berlin crisis, and they shed much light on the domestic conditions in Germany´┐Żpolitical, economic, social, and cultural."-- Christoph M. Kimmich, Brooklyn College, CUNY

— Christoph M. Kimmich