Incunabula: Printing Revolution in Europe 1455-1500: Units 81 and 84: Printing in Rome

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Selection: Stephen Parkin (Curator, Italian Printed Collections, The British Library, London). Rome was the first large centre of printing in Italy; the papal court, with its bureaucracy and its ceremonies, and the numerous scholars, diplomats and travellers which it attracted, ensured that the city's contribution to the development of printing in fifteenth-century Italy remains significant. All aspects of printing in Rome are represented in this selection, from the large-scale editions of classical and other texts sponsored and prepared by humanist scholars to the more routine production of ceremonial orations, sermons, papal bulls and the like, reflecting the life of the Papacy and of the city which it ruled. Unit 81: 371 fiche, 123 titles; Unit 84: 257 fiche, 110 titles.

Features and Benefits

  • All aspects of printing in Rome are represented in this selection.
  • The comprehensiveness of early printed works is not available in one place in any other format.
  • 6,300 titles in the areas of science, literature, religion, philosophy, history, law, medicine and current affairs.
  • A unique archive of the earliest printing in Europe.
  • The collection is divided into thematic units ranging from a synopsis of printing in a particular region to specialized material revealing medieval theories of the physical world, from early medical literature to the first translations of the classics.

What's New

  • Sourced from more than 120 libraries in Europe.