Middle Ages: Primary Sources, 1st Edition

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Middle Ages: Primary Sources contains excerpts from speeches, journal entries, poems, letters and many other documents relating to the era that encompass both key documents and those sources that are equally as important, but less known. Each of the 19 entries contains an introduction that provides context, highlights central ideas and gives brief biographical information on related individuals. Sources for further information are also noted as well as full document citations. Middle Ages: Primary Sources features excerpts and full-text writings of the era from all over the world and includes:

  • "Beowulf"
  • "Song of Roland"
  • Domesday book of Norman England
  • Writings on alchemy, medicine and other sciences
  • "Secret History"
  • "Chronographia"
  • "Koran"
  • "Thousand and One Nights"
  • "The Description of the World"
  • Letter from Pope Gregory VII to King Henry IV
  • Letter from a Crusader to his wife
  • Magna Carta
  • And many others

Also included are 100 photographs and illustrations, sidebars, timeline, glossary, and a subject index.