Testaments to the Holocaust: Series 1: Archives of the Wiener Library, London

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Series One: Archives of the Wiener Library contains four distinct types of material:

  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Rare photographs
  • Nazi propaganda materials
  • Limited-circulation publications and rare printed serials.

The more than 1,200 unpublished eyewitness accounts contained in this indispensable collection allow the voices of the Nazi persecution victims to speak out in their own words.

The uniqueness of these accounts lies in the early date at which they were collected--when the memories were fresh and raw. They predate the coining of the term "Holocaust" to describe the Nazi genocide. As narratives, they are not influenced by the mass of scholarly research, popular writing and film and television programs produced since the mid-1960s.

Series One: Archives of the Wiener Library includes 4,000 photographs documenting in a highly personal and poignant way the destruction of the European Jews.

The Nazi Party used a broad range of propaganda material to systematically degrade and discriminate against Jewish people in the 1930s.

Also included in this material are four extremely rare examples of propaganda books, which feature stereoscopic viewers for viewing images in 3D.

The collection also contains several volumes of bulletins that were written by the library's own staff between 1934 and 1965. This material was disseminated throughout Europe before, during and after the war. Its aim was to inform Jews, both inside and outside Nazi-controlled territories, about the situation in Germany and the rest of Europe.

Of particular interest to scholars are the mimeographed reports from the Wiener Library in Amsterdam, produced between 1934 and 1939.

Series One: Archives of the Wiener Library: 76 reels in four sections

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