German Baroque Literature: Yale Collection of German Baroque Literature

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The von Faber du Faur collection of German Baroque literature was a major acquisition of the Yale Library in the early 1900s. Although the collection was not completely integrated with the library's own Baroque holdings until 1944, it continued to develop and expand until, in 1958, the combined collections totaled more than 1,900 items. At that time the von Faber du Faur bibliography of the collection was published, listing entries by period, subject and author. Within a decade enough new material had been added to the collection -- bringing the total items to more than 2,400 -- to warrant the creation of a supplementary bibliography.

Following the von Faber du Faur bibliography, each volume within the collection has been filmed page by page in the order established by Dr. von Faber du Faur, integrating the works listed in the two volumes into a single sequence. Included in the 2,414 titles filmed are works by:

  • Abraham à Sancta Clara
  • Gottfried Arnold
  • Traiano Boccalini
  • Franz Callenbach
  • Hans Jacob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen
  • Johann Michael Moscherosch
  • Johannes Praetorius
  • Daniel Stoppe
  • Christian Wolff
669 reels in 13 units

Machine-Readable Cataloging: OCLC WorldCat; 2,380 titles

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