America in Protest: Records of Anti-Vietnam War Organizations: Part 3: Student Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam Records, 1966-1973

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Records of a national coalition (1966-1973) formed to coordinate opposition to U.S. involvement in the war in Vietnam among college and high school students. This collection includes steering committee minutes, correspondence, press materials, activity files, and financial records. Best represented is the early period (1966-1968) when the national office was headquartered in New York City. For this period there are exchanges between Kipp Dawson, Carol Lipman, Linda Morse, Syd Stapleton, and other staff members and various local and international affiliates and supporters. Most complete are the files on anti-war groups in California (some correspondence from Bettina Aptheker is included here), Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New York. Most extensive international contacts involved Australia, Canada, France, and Vietnam. Other files concern the G.I. Press Service, an arm of SMC which organized anti-war sentiment in the military. These files include materials on Allen Myers and Bob Wilkinson, who edited the service's underground newspaper, and on G.I. activist Howard Petrick. Also of interest are files on the 1968 attempt to exclude Dawson and Stapleton because of their membership in Young Socialists of America and financial correspondence of Ron Wolin concerning cocktail parties, art auctions, and other "radical chic" fund-raising activities. Activity files consist of flyers, printed materials, and clippings about various demonstrations, strikes and mass actions sponsored by Student Mobe either alone or in conjunction with other coalitions such as the National and New Mobilization Committees to End the War in Vietnam and the National Peace Action Coalition. For several of the national policy-making student conventions held by SMC there are copies of resolutions submitted for debate, although there are few proceedings.

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