Elizabethan World: Almanac, 1st Edition

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During the reign of Elizabeth I, 1558-1603, England was transformed from a backward and isolated island to a leading military power and commercial center in which culture and the arts flourished. Filling the gaps left by other Shakespearean resources, Elizabethan World Reference Library covers the broad sweep of the culture of the times, from Elizabeth's court to rural life, and from the New World explorations to the remarkable flowering of literature and drama for which the era is renowned. Perfect for both history and literatures studies, this set was designed with the student in mind: numerous illustrations for key visuals, chronology to maintain perspective, sidebars to add interest, words to know for additional clarification, subject index for easy navigation and many other features, such as research and activity ideas and further reading suggestions.

The Almanac focuses on major topics such as religion and politics, war and conflict, science and education, as well as the Elizabethan worldview, Elizabethan court, daily life and the culture of music, art and literature.


"Intended for use by middle and high school students this work provides plentiful illustrations, sidebars, 'words to know,' further reading sections, and activity ideas. It will be an ideal starting point for middle and high school students researching the Elizabethan era." --ARBA, 2008