Index to Contemporary Military Articles of the World War II Era, 1939-1949, 1st Edition

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This index provides subject entries for numerous articles about World War II that were published in major military periodicals between 1939 and 1949.

Table of Contents

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Recent Titles in Bibliographies and Indexes in Military Studies.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
For Five World War II Veterans.
A-20 (Bomber).
A-26 (Bomber).
Aachen (Germany)—Siege, 1944.
Admiral Graf Spee (Battleship).
Aerial Gunners.
Aerial Photography.
Aerial Reconnaissance—U.S..
Air Bases.
Air Bases—United States.
Air Bases, American.
Air Bases, American—Africa.
Air Bases, American—Alaska.
Air Bases, American—Burma.
Air Bases, American—China.
Air Bases, American—France.
Air Bases, American—Germany.
Air Bases, American—Guam.
Air Bases, American—Netherlands East Indies.
Air Bases, American—New Guinea.
Air Bases, American—Pacific.
Air Bases, American—Solomon Islands—Guadalcanal.
Air Bases, American—U.S..
Air Bases, American—U.S.—California.
Air Bases, American—Yugoslavia.
Air Bases, Chinese.
Air Defenses—U.S..
Air Drop—Gt. Brit..
Air Interdiction.
Air Pilots, Military—Japan.
Air Pilots, Military—Japan—Training of.
Air Pilots—U.S..
Airborne Troops See also Subheading Airborne Troops Under Individual Armed Forces, Such as United States. Army—Airborne Troops.
Aircraft Carriers.
Aircraft Carriers—Gt. Brit..
Aircraft Carriers—Japan.
Aircraft Carriers—U.S..
Aircraft Industry—Australia.
Airlift, Military See also Transport of Sick and Wounded.
Airlift, Military—Germany.
Airlift, Military—Japan.
Airlift, Military—U.S..
Airmobility Operations (Military Science).
Airplanes, Military.
Airplanes, Military—Germany.
Airplanes, Military—Gt.Brit..
Airplanes, Military—Japan See also Fighter Planes—Japan.
Airplanes, Military—Recognition.
Airplanes, Military—Soviet Union.
Airplanes, Military—U.S. See also Specific Types of Aircraft, Such as P-51 (Fighter Plane).
Airplanes, Military—U.S.—Design and Construction.
Airplanes, Military—U.S—Engines.
Airplanes, Military—U.S.—Modification.
Air-to-Air Rockets.
Akagi (Aircraft Carrier).
Alaska Highway.
Amiens (France)—Bombardment.
Amphibious Warfare See also Names of Military Operations Involving Amphibious Operations, Such as World War, 1939–1945—Campaigns—France—Normandy.
Anti-Airborne Warfare.
Anti-Aircraft Artillery—Canada.
Anti-Aircraft Artillery—China.
Anti-Aircraft Artillery—Germany.
Anti-Aircraft Artillery—Gt.Brit..
Anti-Aircraft Artillery—Japan.
Anti-Aircraft Artillery—Soviet Union.
Anti-Aircraft Artillery—U.S..
Anti-Aircraft Artillery—U.S.—Drill and Tactics.
Anti-Aircraft Guns—U.S..
Antisubmarine Warfare.
Anti-Tank Guns.
Anti-Tank Guns—Germany.
Antitank Guns—Gt.Brit.
Antitank Guns—U.S. See also Anti-Aircraft Artillery—U.S. and Anti-Aircraft Guns—U.S..
Antitank Warfare.
Antitank Weapons See also Antitank Guns.
Antitank Weapons—Soviet Union.
Antwerp (Belgium)—Bombardment.
Antwerp (Belgium)—Strategic Aspects.
Anzio Beachhead, 1944.
Ardennes, Battle of the, 1944–1945.
Armed Forces Staff College (U.S.).
Army Industrial College (U.S.).
Army Naval Staff College (U.S.).
Arnhem, Netherlands, Battle of, 1944.
Artillery, Coast.
Artillery, Coast—Canada.
Artillery, Coast—Germany.
Artillery, Coast—Norway.
Artillery, Coast—Soviet Union.
Artillery, Coast—U.S..
Artillery, Coast—U.S.—Drill and Tactics.
Artillery, Pack—U.S..
Assault Guns—Germany.
Assault Guns—U.S..
Atomic Bomb.
Australia. Army.
Australia. Army. Papuan Infantry Battalion.
Australia. Army-Transportation.
Austria. Army—Artillery—Drill and Tactics.
Automobiles, Military—U.S. See also Jeep Automobile.
Aviation Medicine—U.S..
Aviation Nursing—U.S..
B-17 (Bomber).
B-18 (Bomber).
B-26 ((Bomber)).
B-29 (Bomber).
Balloons, Captive.
Battle Cruisers—Japan.
Belgium. Army.
Benjamin Franklin (Aircraft Carrier).
Berlin (Germany)—Bombardment.
Bismark (German Battleship).
Bizerte (Tunisia)—Bombardment.
Bombers—Gt. Brit..
Bombers—U.S. See also Particular Models, Such As B-29 (Bomber).
Bombing, Aerial See also World War, 1939–1945—Aerial Operations and Names of Countries or Cities with the Subdivision Bombardment, Such As Berlin—Bombardment.
Boyington, Gregory "Pappy".
Brazil—Foreign Relations—U.S..
Brazil—Strategic Aspects.
Brazil. Army.
Britain, Battle of, 1940.
Browning Automatic Rifle.
Burma Road.
Camouflage (Military Science).
Camp Lejeune (North Carolina).
Canada. Army.
Canada. Army—Artillery.
Canada. Navy.
Canada. Royal Canadian Naval College.
Cargo Handling.
Cargo Ships—U.S..
Cassino (Italy), Battle of, 1944.
C-82 (Cargo Aircraft).
Chandler, Theodore E..
Chemical Warfare.
Chemical Weapons.
Chiang Kai-Shek.
Chile. Army—Artillery.
China. Air Force. Chinese-American Composite Wing.
China. Army See also Sino-Japanese Conflict, 1937–1945, World War, 1939–1945—Campaigns—China, and World War, 1939–1945—Campaigns—Burma.
China. Army—Artillery.
China. Army—Transportation.
China. Navy.
Citizens' Military Training Camps.
Civil—Military Relations—Germany.
Civil—Military Relations—U.S..
Coast Defense.
Coast Defenses—Europe.
Coast Defenses—Gt. Brit..
Coast Defense—Soviet Russia.
Collins, J. Lawton.
Combat Patrols.
Command and General Staff School (U.S.).
Command of Troops.
Commando Troops.
Command Posts.
Communications, Military—Germany.
Communications, Military—Soviet Union.
Communications, Military—U.S. See also Radio, Military—U.S..
Crete, Battle of 1941.
Cruisers (Warships).
Cruisers (Warships)—U.S..
Cryptography—Military Aspects.
Cunningham, Sir Andrew.
Damage Control (Warships).
Defensive (Military Science).
Demolition, Military.
Desert Warfare.
Destroyer Escorts—U.S..
Destroyers (Warships)—U.S..
Devers, Jacob L..
Dive Bombers.
Dogs—War Use.