Fitness and Exercise Sourcebook, 4th Edition

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  • Grade Level Range: College Freshman - College Senior
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  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2011

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Fitness and Exercise Sourcebook, Fourth Edition provides updated information about the health benefits of physical activity. It discusses the guidelines for physical activity in people of all ages and diverse fitness levels - including those with disabilities, chronic diseases, or other challenges. It describes ways to make exercise fun and offers suggestions for incorporating fitness into everyday activities. Ways to maintain motivation and set fitness goals are described, and different types of physical activity - including aerobic, strength, balance, and mind-body - are detailed. Information on safety concerns, nutrition and hydration, and equipment needs is included, and an end section offers a glossary of related terms and a directory of organizations that provide information about physical fitness and exercise.

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents.
1: The Health Benefits of Physical Activity.
2: Physical Activity Has Many Health Benefits.
3: The Health Burden of Physical Inactivity.
4: Physical Activity and Life Satisfaction.
5: Physical Activity and Disease Prevention.
6: Physical Fitness and a Healthy Immune System.
7: The Link Between Fitness and Longevity in Older Adults.
8: The Link Between Mortality and Physical Inactivity.
9: Physical Activity Promotes Bone Health.
10: The Effect of Physical Activity on the Risk for Coronary Heart Disease.
11: Physical Fitness Improves Asthma Management in Children.
12: Physical Activity and Mental Health.
13: Physical Activity Helps Control Stress.
14: Exercise Fights Dementia.
15: Physical Activity, Mood, and Serious Mental Illness.
16: Physical Activity and a Healthy Weight.
17: Physical Activity for Weight Loss.
18: Exercise Does Not Over-Stimulate Appetite.
19: The Effect of Exercise on Metabolism.
20: Is Physical Inactivity Genetic?.
21: Guidelines for Lifelong Physical Fitness.
22: Prevalence of Self-Reported Physically Active Adults.
23: Introduction to Fitness Guidelines.
24: Physical Fitness and Children.
25: Statistics on Physical Activity in Children.
26: Physical Activity from Birth to Age Five.
27: Raising a Fit Preschooler.
28: Fitness Guidelines for School-Aged Youth.
29: Physical Fitness Education in Schools.
30: Physical Fitness and Teenagers.
31: Statistics on Physical Activity in Teenagers.
32: Teenagers and Physical Fitness.
33: Teenagers Exercising Far Less than Younger Kids.
34: Promoting Physical Activity in Children and Teenagers.
35: Motivating Children and Teenagers to Be Active.
36: Fitness for Kids Who Don’t Like Sports.
37: Tips on Promoting Physical Fitness for Girls.
38: Physical Fitness and Adults.
39: Fitness Guidelines for Adults.
40: Daily Exercise Dramatically Lowers Men’s Death Rates.
41: Women, Physical Fitness, and Heart Health.
42: Physical Activity for Pregnant and Postpartum Women.
43: Research Shows Overweight Women Improve Quality of Life Through Exercise.
44: Statistics and Research on Women and Physical Activity.
45: Fitness for Mid-Life and Older Persons.
46: Exercise Program for Mid-Life Persons.
47: Exercise for Menopause-Aged Women.
48: Physical Fitness and the Elderly.
49: Fitness Guidelines for the Elderly.
50: Balance Exercises for Older Adults.
51: Encouraging Physical Fitness Through the Community Environment.
52: Start Moving.
53: Ways to Add Physical Activity to Your Life.
54: Get Active.
55: Exercise Opportunities in Your Daily Life.
56: Make a Fitness Plan and Stick with It.
57: Making Exercise Fun Through a Personal Fitness Plan.
58: Goal Setting.
59: Overcoming Barriers to Exercise.
60: Measuring Physical Activity Intensity and Physical Fitness.
61: Measuring Physical Activity Intensity.
62: Resting and Target Heart Rates.
63: Calories Burned per Hour.
64: Physical Activity Chart.
65: Body Mass Index (BMI).
66: Choosing Physical Fitness Partners.
67: Choosing a Health Club.
68: Choosing a Personal Trainer.
69: Exercising with Friends.
70: Making Exercise Fun for the Whole Family.
71: Evaluating Exercise Equipment and Exercise Program Claims.
72: Exercise Basics.
73: Aerobic Exercise Basics and Equipment.
74: Aerobic Exercise Basics.
75: Elliptical Trainers.
76: Treadmills.
77: Rowing Machines.
78: Stair Climbers.
79: Step Aerobics.
80: Kickboxing.
81: Dancing.
82: Racquet Sports.
83: Aquatic Exercise.
84: Water Fitness.
85: Top 10 Reasons You Should Exercise in Water.
86: Walking and Hiking.
87: Beginning a Walking Program.
88: Selecting and Using a Pedometer.
89: 10,000 Steps a Day Walking Program.
90: Hiking for Health.
91: Bicycling.
92: Biking and Walking for Transportation and Obesity Prevention.
93: Spinning/Indoor Cycling.
94: Running.
95: Running for Beginners.
96: Training to Run Your First 5K.
97: Strength and Resistance Exercise.
98: Strength/Weight Training Basics.
99: Progression and Resistance Training.
100: Best Ab-Strengthening Exercises.
101: Using Stability Balls and Resistance Bands.
102: Stretching and Flexibility for Healthy Aging.
103: Combined Exercise.
104: Cross Training.
105: Interval Training.
106: Boot Camp Workouts.
107: Mind-Body Exercise.
108: Introduction to Mind-Body Exercise.
109: Yoga.
110: Pilates.
111: Tai Chi.
112: Power Training and Plyometrics for Athletes.
113: Wii.
114: Fitness Safety.
115: The Basics of Safe Physical Activity.
116: Workout Safety.
117: Warming Up.
118: Avoiding Mistakes in the Gym.
119: Choosing an Athletic Shoe.
120: Helmets.
121: Nutrition and Exercise.
122: Healthy Hydration.
123: Sports Nutrition.
124: Top Sports Nutrition Myths.
125: Preventing Sports Injuries.
126: Common Sports Injuries and Their Prevention.
127: Sports-Related Concussions: What You Need to Know to Be Safe.
128: Preventing Sports Injuries for Child Athletes.
129: Fitness and Your Feet.
130: Overtraining and Compulsive Exercise.
131: Overtraining in Women and the Risk to Bone Health.
132: Compulsive Exercise.
133: Exercising Safely Outdoors.
134: Outdoor Exercise Safety.
135: Air Pollution and Exercise.
136: Physical Fitness for People with Health Conditions.
137: Introduction to Exercise with a Health Condition.
138: Physical Activity for People with Disabilities.
139: Increasing Physical Activity for People with Disabilities.
140: Promoting Inclusive Physical Activity Communities for People with Disabilities.
141: Physical Fitness for People Who Are Overweight.
142: Physical Fitness at Any Size.
143: Fat Loss and Weight Training Myths.
144: Abdominal Fat and Your Health.
145: Physical Fitness for People with Heart Conditions.
146: Physical Fitness for People with Bone Disorders.
147: Arthritis and Fitness.
148: Exercising Safely with Osteoporosis.
149: Physical Fitness for People with Asthma.
150: Exercise for People with Asthma.
151: Exercise-Induced Asthma.
152: Physical Fitness for People with Diabetes.
153: Physical Fitness and Cancer.
154: Physical Fitness and Cancer Prevention.
155: Exercise During Cancer Treatment.
156: Additional Help and Information.
157: Glossary of Fitness Terms.
158: Directory of Fitness Resources.