100 People Who Made History, 1st Edition

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  • Grade Level Range: 2nd Grade - 6th Grade
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There are nearly 7 billion people in the world today. We are living longer, healthier, and better lives than anyone who has gone before. And this is the result of a whole chain of people who have invented or discovered something that has changed our world. Where would we be without inventors, philosophers, economists, politicians, explorers, and other "ideas" people? Some of our historical heroes were lone geniuses but many were influenced by other great thinkers and ideas. There would be no Facebook without the internet-and no internet with computers. And there could be no computers without the great mathematicians and philosophers of ancient times. So who's the Genius-Mark Zuckerberg, or Pythagoras? We think it's both. This is why every spread features a panel called "They couldn't have done it without...", revealing the people who made earlier contributions to the cause. With chapters on medicine and food processes, entertainment and culture, there's something in 100 People Who Made History for everyone. Full of true-life stories and famous celebs, 100 People proves that history can be exciting and relevant. So let's hear it for the heroes from throughout the ages: those who save lives, those who improve lives, and those who make our lives just that bit more enjoyable.

Table of Contents

Front Cover.
Copyright Page.
Title Page.
1: Daring Discoverers.
2: Polo, Marco.
3: Battuta, Ibn.
4: Columbus, Christopher.
5: Galilei, Galileo.
6: Newton, Isaac.
7: Mendeleev, Dmitri.
8: Darwin, Charles.
9: Marvels, Medical.
10: Einstein, Albert.
11: Curie, Marie.
12: Rutherford, Ernest.
13: Watson and Crick.
14: Anning, Mary.
15: Leakey, Mary.
16: Inspirational Inventors.
17: Lun, Cai.
18: Gutenberg, Johann.
19: Watt, James.
20: Volta, Alessandro.
21: Faraday, Michael.
22: Everyday Inventions.
23: Bell, Alexander Graham.
24: Edison, Thomas.
25: Nobel, Alfred.
26: Food Made Easy.
27: Marconi, Guglielmo.
28: Baird, John Logie.
29: The Wright Brothers.
30: Ford, Henry.
31: Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak.
32: Berners-Lee, Tim.
33: Zuckerberg, Mark.
34: Thoughtful Thinkers.
35: Confucius.
36: Aristotle.
37: Marx, Karl.
38: Freud, Sigmund.
39: Seacole, Mary.
40: Teresa, Mother.
41: Joan of Arc.
42: Martin Luther King.
43: Religious Leaders.
44: Pankhurst, Emmeline.
45: Roosevelt, Eleanor.
46: Aung San Suu Kyi.
47: Goodall, Jane.
48: Leading Leaders.
49: Alexander the Great.
50: Caesar, Augustus.
51: Charlemagne.
52: Cool Queens.
53: Khan, Genghis.
54: Saladin.
55: Luther, Martin.
56: Up the Revolution.
57: Bonaparte, Napoleon.
58: Washington, George.
59: Gandhi, Mahatma.
60: Xiaoping, Deng.
61: Gorbachev, Mikhail.
62: Mandela, Nelson.
63: Clued–up Creatives.
64: Writers on the Block.
65: Cook, Thomas.
66: Disney, Walt.
67: Gallery of Artists.
68: Chanel, Coco.
69: Ogilvy, David.
70: Kristiansen, Ole Kirk.
71: Musicians.
72: Presley, Elvis.
73: Let’s Applaud....