American Religions Collection: Series 3: Nontraditional American Religions: Eastern Religions: Hinduism, Sikhism, and Sant Mat, 3rd Edition

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From the holdings of the American Religions Collection, Department of Special Collections, Donald C. Davidson Library, University of California, Santa Barbara

The American Religions Collection, one of the largest collections of materials on alternative religious movements and practices in the world, offers thousands of hard-to-find serials relating to 20th century nontraditional religions and splinter groups of larger religious bodies in North America. The collection was built by J. Gordon Melton, the foremost scholar of nontraditional American religions in America, who donated it to the University of California, Santa Barbara. This current microform edition features over 70 rare serials on Hinduism, Sikhism and Sant Mat that have been represented in the United States and from those countries that have influenced this movement. Within the titles represented in this edition, there are over 2300 individual issues. Publication dates range from the 1930s through present, with the bulk of the titles published in the last forty years.

The materials primarily document the most recent phase of religious life that began with the change of the immigration law in 1965. The focus is on the first generation of Indian teachers who began to arrive in 1965 and the second generation of Western teachers who adopted Hinduism, most frequently from one of the Indian gurus who had earlier come to the United States.

52 reels in 3 parts:

Part 1: Hinduism and related groups: 46 reels
Part 2: Sikhism: 3 reels
Part 3: Sant Mat: 3 reels