American Fiction: 1774-1910

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American Fiction, 1774-1910 contains pre-1900 works taken directly from Lyle H. Wright's American Fiction: A Contribution Towards a Bibliography (San Marino, California, 1965-69); and post-1900 works from the Library of Congress Shelf List of American Adult Fiction. This collection includes 10,800 novels, romances, tales, short stories, fictitious biographies, travels and sketches, allegories and tract-like tales typifying the development of American literature in a changing culture. A standard reference work for literary scholars, librarians and historians, Wright's collection on microfilm is nearly complete--perhaps one of the most comprehensive in existence -- and will be an asset to libraries providing source material on American literature.

A great strength of this collection is its inclusion of writings of lesser-known authors, in addition to first editions or earliest available imprints of major American authors.

American Fiction, 1774-1910 provides the user with access to rare editions of the texts as they first appeared, as well as access to the works of minor authors whose writings may be difficult to obtain from other sources.

Volume I: 1774-1850, Units 1-4: 184 reels

Volume II: 1851-1875, Units 5-12: 405 reels

Volume III: 1876-1900, Units 13-28: 808 reels

Volume IV: 1901-1905, Units 29-33: 267 reels

Volume V: 1906-1910, Units 34-37: 185 reels

Complete Collection: 1,849 reels

MACHINE-READABLE CATALOGING: OCLC WorldCat; Vols. I-III (1774-1900): 10,686 titles; Vols. IV-V (1901-1910): 4,128 titles

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