Philosophy and Feminism, 1st Edition

  • Andrea Nye
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Offers an engaging introduction to the history of feminist philosophy, from Mary Wollstonecraft to Sojourner Truth, and from Simone de Beauvoir to feminist theorists of the 1970s. In complex and lucid prose, Nye then moves through the major contemporary fields in philosophy---logic, ethics, epistemology, philosophy of language, and political theory---in order to demonstrate the ways in which contemporary feminist thought is challenging basic presuppositions in each of these fields. Drawing upon the work of both mainstream and feminist philosophers, such as Nancy Fraser and Sandra Harding, as well as feminist scholars working in other disciplines, such as sociology, psychoanalysis, linguistics, and literary theory, Nye's volume is a model of both rigorous philosophical inquiry and interdisciplinary feminist study. Substantive, original, and eminently readable, this book will interest not only students and teachers of philosophy; it also offers a philosophical framework for scholars in literature, sociology, history, and women's studies, as well as anyone engaged in the exciting new fields of interdisciplinary feminist inquiry.