Princeton University Latin American Pamphlet Collection: Supplement IV

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From the holdings of Firestone Library, Princeton University

Ephemera consisting of pamphlets, serials, broadsides, fliers and posters are among the most immediately available primary sources on the constantly changing situations in Latin America, yet they can be the hardest to acquire for study. If they find their way out of the region at all, their small size, limited press runs and specificity make them likely to be lost or underused. The Princeton University Libraries have come to the aid of researchers by assembling on a selective basis a voluminous collection of such material from all over Latin America.

As with the original collection and the previous three supplements, the material reproduced here covers a broad range of countries and topics, dealing primarily with events of the past twenty years. They include government reports, conference or working papers, research center working papers, literary magazines and journals, political campaign documents, election results, statistical studies, legal documents, newspapers, speeches, publications of human rights organizations, labor union tracts, and mission statements of religious groups.

In Supplement 4, fourteen topics are covered, including:

  • Brazilian "Literatura de Cordel, 1970s to 1990s
  • Women in Chile V, 1989-2002
  • Catholic Church in Cuba III
  • Protestant Churches in Cuba, III
  • Church Materials from Guatemala, II, 1913-2001
  • Agrarian Issues in Peru, III: 1920-2003
  • Environment and Ecology in Peru, I, 1993-2003
  • Politics in Peru, IV, 1996-2003

    The convenience of having so many small but important works gathered in one collection along with the rarity and uniqueness of these materials makes this an important acquisition for libraries wishing to enhance their holdings in Latin American studies, anthropology, gender studies and religion.

    55 Reels in 14 Parts