Princeton University Latin American Pamphlet Collection: Supplement I

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The ephemera here, as with the main collection, deals primarily with events of the past twenty years, making this supplement equally valuable to all who have used the initial set. This supplement also contains government reports, conference proceedings, research center working papers, literary magazines and journals, political campaign documents, national election materials, statistical studies, legal documents, newspapers, speeches, publications of human rights organizations, labor union tracts, and mission statements of religious groups. Materials are divided by country and by subject category, to make accessing information as easy as possible: politics, government, socioeconomic conditions, agriculture, human and civil rights, women and gender issues, church and religion, and environment. Argentina: Cuatro flechas: órgano del Movimiento Nacional Comunitario; Madres of the Plaza de Mayo 2 reels Bolivia: Aquí: semanario del pueblo (continuation); La Colmena; socioeconomic conditions and policies, 19841994 5 reels Brazil: Federal and state elections, 1986, 1988, 1989; church materials, 19091994; labor movement and unions,19811994; textile industry 11 reels Chile: Agriculture, 19911994; El Siglo (continuation); the new democratic period, 19891992; political transition, 19781989; political parties and alliances, 19751994; economic and social conditions, 19771994; education; environment and ecology; women, 19851994; urban conditions 39 reels Colombia: La Empresa Asociativa 1 reel Cuba: CDR; RC, revolución y cultura 2 reels Latin America: Mujer/ fempress/ ILET, Unidad de Comunicación Alternativa de la Mujer (continuation) 2 reels Mexico: Political parties, elections, and electoral reform, 1980s1994; women, 19381992 8 reels Nicaragua: Nicaragua hoy 1 reel Peru: Resumen semanal/ Desco (continuation); military rule 5 reels

Number of reels: 76