Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems, 1st Edition

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The 5th International Congress on Design and Modeling of Mechanical Systems (CMSM) was held in Djerba, Tunisia on March 25-27, 2013 and followed four previous successful editions, which brought together international experts in the fields of design and modeling of mechanical systems, thus contributing to the exchange of information and skills and leading to a considerable progress in research among the participating teams. The fifth edition of the congress (CMSM´2013), organized by the Unit of Mechanics, Modeling and Manufacturing (U2MP) of the National School of Engineers of Sfax, Tunisia, the Mechanical Engineering Laboratory (MBL) of the National School of Engineers of Monastir, Tunisia and the Mechanics Laboratory of Sousse (LMS) of the National School of Engineers of Sousse, Tunisia, saw a significant increase of the international participation. This edition brought together nearly 300 attendees who exposed their work on the following topics: mechatronics and robotics, dynamics of mechanical systems, fluid structure interaction and vibroacoustics, modeling and analysis of materials and structures, design and manufacturing of mechanical systems. This book is the proceedings of CMSM´2013 and contains a careful selection of high quality contributions, which were exposed during various sessions of the congress. The original articles presented here provide an overview of recent research advancements accomplished in the field mechanical engineering.

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1: Mechatronics and Robotics.
2: Optimization of the Combustion in Large Marine Diesel Engine by Controlling the Exhaust Gas.
3: Dynamic in Path Planning of a Cable Driven Robot.
4: Integrating Radial Basis Functions with Modelica for Mechatronic Design.
5: Biomechanical Model of the Knee to Estimate the Musculotendinous Forces during an Isometric Extension.
6: Development of Co-simulation Environment with ADAMS/Simulink to Study Maneuvers of a Scooter.
7: Kinematics, Workspace and Singularities Analysis of the 3-UPU Wrist Manipulator.
8: On the Kinematics of Spherical Parallel Manipulators for Real Time Applications.
9: Towards the Integration of Safety Analysis in a Model-Based System Engineering Approach with SysML.
10: Modeling and Simulation of Micro EDM Process.
11: Dynamics of Mechanical Systems.
12: Integration of Drill Torsional-Axial Coupling in a Global Spindle-Self Vibratory Drilling Head Model.
13: A Discrete Model for Transverse Vibration of a Cantilever Beam Carrying Multi Lumped Masses: Analogy with the Continuous Model.
14: Numerical Continuation of Equilibrium Point and Limit Cycles of a Rigid Rotor Supported by Floating Ring Bearings.
15: Prediction Life of Horizontal Rotors by Natural Frequency Evolution.
16: Defect Detection through Stochastic Wave Finite Element Method.
17: Reduction Method Applied to Viscoelastically Damped Finite Element Models.
18: Coupled Finite Element-Boundary Element Formulation for Noise and Vibration Attenuation Using Shunt Piezoelectric Materials.
19: A TMD Parameters Optimization with Uncertain Bounded Structural Parameters.
20: Influence of Temperature and Rotational Speed on the Properties of Magnetorheological Brake.
21: Fault Detection of Nonlinear Systems Using Multi-model Structure: Application to a Ship Propulsion System.
22: Nonlinear Forced Vibrations of Rotating Composite Beams with Internal Combination Resonance.
23: Behavior of Single-Lap Bolted Joint Subjected to Dynamic Transverse Load.
24: Numerical Stress and Fatigue Behavior of a Helicopter Blade by Modal Analysis.
25: Detection of Gear Tooth Pitting Based on Transmission Error Measurements.
26: Multi-objective Optimization of Gear Tooth Profile Modifications.
27: An Experimental Investigation of the Dynamic Behavior of Planetary Gear Set.
28: Identification of the Unconstrained Modes of 3D Axisymmetric Structures from Measurements under Constraining Support Conditions.
29: Dynamic Modeling of Rail Vehicle Traveling at High Speed.
30: Early Detection of Mechanical Defects by Neural Networks “Spectral Analysis”.
31: Fluid Structure Interaction and Vibroacoustics.
32: PIV Study of the Down-Pitched Blade Turbine Hydrodynamic Structure.
33: Modeling and Analysis of the Hydrodynamic Structure around a Vertical Axis Water Turbine.
34: Numerical Coupled Modeling of Water Hammer in Quasi-rigid Thin Pipes.
35: Energetic Analyses of a NH3-NaSCN Absorption Machine Operating at Three Pressure Levels.
36: Numerical Study of Anti-ram of Hydraulic Lines by an Additional Viscoelastic Pipe.
37: Study of Erosion Phenomenon in the CFM56-7B Turbojet.
38: FEA of In-Plane Shear Stresses of a Preloaded Sandwich Plate with a Viscoelastic Core: Application to the Disk Brake System.
39: Numerical Characterization of the Mechanical Properties of a Composite Material with Metal.
40: Structural Health Monitoring by Acoustic Emission of Smart Composite Laminates Embedded with Piezoelectric Sensor.
41: Vibroacoustic Analysis of Boat Propeller Using Reliability Techniques.
42: Pressure Waves in Homogeneous Gas-Liquid Mixture Flows in Deformable Pipelines.
43: Intake Manifold Shape Influence on the Unsteady In-Cylinder Flow: Application on LPG Bi-fuel Engine.
44: Development of an Analytical and Numerical Tools for Launcher/Satellite Vibro-acoustic Prediction.
45: Multi-leaks Detection and Sizing in Viscoelastic Pipeline System.
46: Mechanical Behaviour and Damage Evaluation by Acoustic Emission of Sandwich Structure.
47: CFD Modeling of the High Efficiency Rotor Separator in Cement Grinding Circuit.
48: Waterhammer in Flexible Pipes.
49: Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer within Grooved Flat Mini Heat Pipes.
50: Modelling and Analysis of Materials and Structures.
51: Micropolar Models of Architectured Materials from Discrete Homogenization: Case of Textile Monolayers.
52: Inspection Time Optimization for a Cracked Component Based on a Reliability Approach.
53: Fatigue Behavior of Aluminum Alloys Requested by a Simple Overload: Environment Influence.
54: Optimization Based Simulation of Self-expanding Nitinol Stent.
55: Anisotropic Damage Model with Unilateral Effect and Sliding Friction for Brittle Materials.
56: Creep Effect on the J-Integral around a Crack Tip in a Cracked Nonlinear Viscoelastic Plate of PVC.
57: Worn Surface Characteristics of a Friction Material during Braking Simulation Test.
58: Multi-scale Anisotropic Approach for Modeling Woven Fabric Composite.
59: Optimization of Single Point Incremental Forming of Sheet Metal with Isotropic and Combined Hardening Behavior.
60: Ply Orientations Effect in the Fracture Toughness of Mixed Mode Delamination in E-Glass/Polyester Woven Fabrics.
61: Experimental Implementation of the Multipoint Hydroforming Process.
62: Surface Integrity after Orthogonal Cutting of Aeronautical Aluminum Alloy 7075-T651.
63: Buckling of Laminated Composite Shells of Pipe Cracks.
64: Effect of Cooling on Mechanical Properties and Residual Stresses in Aluminium AA2017 Friction Stir Welds.
65: Experimental and Numerical Study of Polypropylene Composite Reinforced with Jute Fibers.
66: Trip Effect on the Modeling of Thermo-mechanical Behaviour of Steels during Quenching Process.
67: Experimental Parameters Identification of Fatigue Damage Model for Short Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics GFRP.
68: Elasticity and Viscoelasticity of Open Cellular Material: Micromechanical Approach.
69: Characterization of the Friction Coefficient and White Layer at the Tool-Chip-Workpiece Interface Using Experimental and Numerical Studies during Friction Tests of AISI 1045.
70: Higher Order Shear Deformation Enhanced Solid Shell Element.
71: Multi-scale Modelling of Orthotropic Properties of Trabecular Bone in Nanoscale.
72: The Use of the DIC Method to Involve the Strain Occurred in an Undergoing High Shear during the ECAE Process.
73: Design and Manufacturing of Mechanical Systems.
74: Disassembly Method for Early Stages of Design.
75: FEM Simulation Based on CAD Model Simplification: A Comparison Study between the Hybrid Method and the Technique Using a Removing Details.
76: Tolerancing Analysis by Operations on Polytopes.
77: The Cylinder of the Autoclave Charged with the Internal Pressure, Strengthen with a Strip Wound onto It, with Programmable Tension Realized by a Magnethoreological Structure.
78: Application of the CSP Approach and the Interval Computation for the Optimal Sizing of a Compression Spring.
79: Assembly Line Resource Assignment and Balancing Problem of Type 2.
80: A Multi-objective Optimization for Multi-period Planning in Multi-item Cooperative Manufacturing Supply Chain.
81: A Feature-Based Methodology for Eco-designing Parts on Detail Phase.
82: Mates Updating of Rigid and Fully Constrained Assembly with Defects.
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