North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) Archive of Latin Americana

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The NACLA Archive of Latin Americana is a project sponsored and underwritten by the New School for Social Research. Composed of ephemera and serials relating to socioeconomic and political conditions in Latin America from the 1960s through the 1980s, this microfilm collection is the result of the archival efforts of the North American Congress on Latin America. The collection contains a wide range of documentation, with its principal strength in primary sources such as serials, reports, fliers, pamphlets, posters, manuscripts, and correspondence. The publications generally provide a left-wing ideological perspective covering progressive and human rights issues, but documentation of the political right, the military governments, and the Church is also included. This material offers a valuable grass-roots perspective on the evolution of the politics of the period and shows the impact that human rights organizations, solidarity groups, guerillas, labor unions, and women -- to name a few --had on the state and political elites. The collection is arranged by country and by subject, then chronologically. Argentina, 10 reels Bolivia, 5 reels Brazil, 6 reels Caribbean, 5 reels Central America, 16 reels Chile, 50 reels Colombia, 11 reels Costa Rica, 5 reels Cuba, 24 reels Dominican Republic, 18 reels Ecuador, 5 reels El Salvador, 30 reels Grenada, 2 reels Guatemala, 21 reels Guyana, 2 reels Haiti, 2 reels Honduras, 4 reels Jamaica, 2 reels Latin America, 47 reels Mexico, 16 reels Nicaragua, 20 reels Panama, 4 reels Paraguay, 2 reels Peru, 7 reels Puerto Rico, 8 reels Trinidad & Tobago, 2 reels Uruguay, 6 reels Venezuela, 3 reels NACLA Report on the Americas, 1967-1990 (vol.1-vol.23, no.6) and Miscellaneous Publications 339 reels