Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreams: The Evolution, Function, Nature, and Mysteries of Slumber, 1st Edition

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Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreams: The Evolution, Function, Nature, and Mysteries of Slumber explores the evolution, nature, and functions of sleep and dreams. The encyclopedia is divided into two volumes and is arranged alphabetically by entry. Topics include nightmares and their treatment, how sleep and dreams change across the lifetime, and the new field of evolution of sleep and dream. While this book includes ample material on the science of sleep and dreams, content is drawn from a broad range of disciplinary contexts, including history and anthropology.

Table of Contents

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Title Page.
Copyright Page.
List of Entries.
Guide to Related Topics.
1: Aboriginal Australia: Dreams and “the Dreaming”.
2: Achuar.
3: Actigraphy and Sleep.
4: Activation Synthesis Hypothesis of Dreaming.
5: Acute Sleep Deprivation.
6: Adolescent Cell Phone Use and Sleep.
7: Adolescent Dreams.
8: Adolescent Sleep, the Electroencephalogram, and Brain Development.
9: Adopted Women’s Dreams.
10: African American Dream Beliefs and Practices.
11: Aging and Dreams.
12: Alcohol and Sleep.
13: Alexithymia and Sleep.
14: Alexithymia in Renal Disease.
15: Ancient Dream Theories.
16: Ancient Egypt and Dreams.
17: Ancient Greek Dream Beliefs.
18: Animal Figures in Dreams.
19: Animation and the Dream.
20: Anthropology and Dreams.
21: Anthropology of Sleep.
22: Antiquity and Dreams.
23: Antrobus’s (1983) Word Information Count (WIC).
24: Art Therapy and Dreams.
25: Asian Americans and Dreamwork.
26: Asklepieia and Asklepian Rites.
27: Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity: Dreaming in Children with ADHD.
28: Awake, Frozen with the Most Awful Fears, but Also Asleep.
29: Awakenings Protocol.
30: Basics of Sleep Recordings.
31: Bedouin Dream Traditions.
32: Belief in Dream Relevance and the Continuity Hypothesis.
33: Bible and Dreams: Luther and Calvin, The.
34: Big Dreams.
35: Bizarre Imagery and Thought in Sleep and Waking.
36: Body Dreamwork.
37: Brain Correlates to Lucidity.
38: Brain Damage: Effects on Dreams.
39: Brain Energy, Metabolism, and Sleep.
40: Brain Mechanisms of Vision in Dreams.
41: Brief History of Sleep Medicine.
42: Cancer Patients and Dreamwork.
43: Central Image (of the Dream).
44: Characters in Dreams.
45: Children’s Dreams and Nightmares.
46: Chinese Sex Symbols in Dreams.
47: Chronotype.
48: Church Dream Groups.
49: Cinema and Dreams.
50: Circadian Rhythms.
51: Clinical Aspects of Nightmares.
52: Cognitive Approach to Dreaming.
53: Cognitive Expertise and Dreams.
54: Cognitive Theory of Dream Meaning, A.
55: Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, and Dreaming.
56: Color in Dreams.
57: Comics and Dreams.
58: Comorbidity between Epilepsy and Sleep Disorders.
59: Comparative Sleep Databases.
60: Comparative Sleep Regulation.
61: Conceptions of Dreaming in the Western Desert of Australia.
62: Connection between Dreams and Mood, The.
63: Consciousness in Dreams.
64: Contemporary Theory of Dreaming, The.
65: Content Analysis of Dreams: Basic Principles.
66: Continuity Hypothesis and Colors in Dreams.
67: Continuity Hypothesis of Dreaming.
68: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
69: Convergent Evolution of REM Sleep in Mammals and Birds.
70: Cortical EEG Oscillations, Local Sleep, and Dream Recall.
71: Co-Sleeping.
72: Costly Signaling Theory.
73: Counterfactuals in Dreams.
74: Creative Problem Solving in Dreams.
75: Cross-Cultural Approaches to Dreams.
76: Cultural Dimensions of Sleep.
77: Cultural Diversity and Dreaming.
78: Definition of Sleep.
79: Delusions and the Classification of Typical Dreams.
80: Depictions of Dreams.
81: Depression and Dreaming.
82: Depression in Patients with Kidney Disease.
83: Depth of Sleep.
84: Development and Initial Validation of the Iowa Sleep Disturbances Inventory.
85: Disconnection from the External Environment during Dreaming.
86: Discovery of REM Sleep.
87: Dissociated States of Being and Agrypnia Excitata.
88: Distinctive Dream Content Associated with REM Sleep Behavior Disorder.
89: Disturbed Sleep and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
90: Dream Interview: A Client-Defined, Metaphor-Based Interpretation.
91: Dream Sharing as Social Interaction.
92: DreamBank.net: An Online Archive for Studying Dream Content.
93: Dreaming: The Journal of the Association for the Study of Dreams.
94: Dream-Lag Effect.
95: Dreamwork in Counseling.
96: Dynamic Structure of Reptilian EEG versus Mammalian Sleep EEG.
97: Ecstasy (MDMA) Use and Sleep Problems.
98: Effect of Dreams on Waking Life.
99: Effect of Medications on Sleep and Dreaming.
100: Effects of Blindness and Deafness on Dream Content.
101: Effects of Work on Sleep.
102: Electromagnetic Fields of Mobile Telephones and Sleep Parameters.
103: Embodied Imagination.
104: Emotional Responses to Nightmares.
105: Endocrinology of Sleep.
106: Endometriosis and Dreams.
107: ESP in Dreams.
108: Evaluation of Tonsils in Patients with Sleep Apnea.
109: Evolution of Reptilian Sleep.
110: Evolutionary Approaches to Sleep.
111: Evolutionary Psychology Theories of Dreams.
112: Existential Dreams.
113: External Sensory Stimulation as a Technique to Study Dreaming.
114: False Awakenings.
115: Family Unconscious in Dreams.
116: Fantasy Literature and Dreams.
117: Fetal Sleep.
118: Fetal Yawning.
119: Flying Dreams.
120: Flying in Dreams: The Power of the Image.
121: Fornari, Franco.
122: Freud, Sigmund.
123: Freud’s Approach to Dreams.
124: Functional Neuroimaging during Human Sleep.
125: Functional Theories of Dreaming.
126: Gender Differences in Dreaming.
127: Genetics and Epigenetics of Sleep.
128: Genetics of Mouse Sleep Physiology.
129: Gestalt Dreamwork.
130: Graphic Novels and Dreams.
131: Group Work with Dreams.
132: Hall and Van de Castle System for the Study of Dream Content.
133: Handedness: A New Look at the Effects on Dream Recall and Content.
134: Healing and Dreams.
135: Hill Dream Model.
136: Hypnagogic Imagery.
137: Hypocretin Gene Transfer in Mice Models of Narcolepsy.
138: Hypothalamo–Pituitary–Adrenocortical (HPA) System and Sleep.
139: Hypothalamo–Pituitary–Somatotrophic (HPS) System and Sleep.
140: Illness and Dreams.
141: Illusory Contents in Dreams.
142: Impactful Dreams.
143: Importance of Sleep Health for Children.
144: Increasing Sleep Complaints.
145: Incubation of Dreams.
146: Incubus/Succubus.
147: Infant Sleep and Parenting.
148: Infant Sleep Interventions.
149: Insomnia in Chronic Renal Failure.
150: International Association for the Study of Dreams.
151: Intersubjective Dreams.
152: Intuition in Dreams.
153: Involuntary Nature of Dreaming.
154: Islam and Dreams.
155: Isolated Sleep Paralysis.
156: Istikhara: Islamic Dream Incubation.
157: Journaling of Dreams.
158: Jung’s Dream Theory.
159: Jung’ The Red Book.
160: Jung’s Transcendent Function: Neurological Support.
161: Kleine–Levin Syndrome.
162: Leading Dream Groups.
163: Literature and Dreams.
164: Little Dreams.
165: Logical Structure of Dreams and Their Relation to Reality.
166: Lucid Dreaming.
167: Lucid Dreaming in Sports.
168: Lucid Dreaming Therapy for Nightmares.
169: Lucid Nightmares.
Title Page.
List of Entries.
Guide to Related Topics.
1: Meaning of Dreams via Dream Interpretation.
2: Media Use and Nightmares.
3: Media Use and Sleep in Children and Adolescents.
4: Medications Altering Dreaming.
5: Medieval Hagiography and Dreams.
6: Melatonin Therapy for the Sleep Disorders of Children.
7: Methodological Challenges in the Scientific Study of Dreams.
8: Middle Ages and Dreams.
9: Mugwort: A Dream-Stimulating Herb.
10: Music and Dreams.
11: Naps.
12: Narcolepsy and Dreaming.
13: Narcolepsy and Sleep Paralysis, Hypnopompic/Hypnagogic Hallucinations.
14: Narcolepsy Symptoms, Abnormal Rem Sleep, and Hypocretin Deficiency.
15: Native American Dreams.
16: Neural Metaphor and Dreams.
17: Neuroanatomical Correlates of Dream Censorship.
18: Neuroanatomical Correlates of Dreamwork.
19: Neuroanatomy of Dreams.
20: Neuroanatomy of REM Sleep and Depression.
21: Neurobiology of Psychoanalysis in Wake and REM Sleep.
22: Neurofeedback for Sleep Problems.
23: Neuropsychology of Lost Dream Recall.
24: Nightly Sleep Duration and Mortality: The Story of a U-Shaped Relationship.
25: Nightmare Content in Adults.
26: Nightmares.
27: Objective and Subjective Dreams.
28: Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, Metabolism, and Hormones.
29: Olfactory Stimuli and Dreams.
30: Overgeneral Memories.
31: Parapsychology and Dreams.
32: Parasomnias and Nocturnal Frontal Lobe Epilepsy.
33: Partial Sleep Deprivation.
34: Phasic Ponto–Geniculo–Occipital/Pontine Wave (PGO/P-Wave).
35: Philosophy of Mind and Dream Characters.
36: Photography and Dreams.
37: Phylogenetic Comparative Methods and Sleep.
38: Phylogeny of Sleep.
39: Phylogeny of Sleep Database.
40: Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index.
41: Play and the Dream.
42: Poetry and Dreams.
43: Portable Monitoring of Sleep.
44: Precognitive Dreaming.
45: Prefrontal Cortex in Dreaming.
46: Pregnancy Dreams.
47: Primary Disorders of Hypersomnolence and Dreams.
48: Psychiatric Diagnosis and Dreams.
49: Quaker Culture and Dreams.
50: Quality of Life and Sleep Disorders in Chronic Kidney Disease.
51: Qur’an and Dreams.
52: Rapid Eye Movement Sleep in Critically III Patients.
53: Recall of Dreams.
54: Regulation of Sleep and Wake Systems.
55: Religion and Dreams.
56: REM–NREM Dream Content Specializations.
57: REM Sleep Across the Lifespan.
58: REM Sleep Behavior Disorder.
59: REM Sleep Properties.
60: REM Sleep Properties as Neurobiological Endophenotypes of Schizophrenia.
61: REM Sleep-Related Motor Paralysis.
62: Reverse Learning Theory.
63: Role of Subcortical Structures in Dreaming.
64: Safety in Dream Groups.
65: School of Metaphysics Approaches to Dream Incubation.
66: Seasonal Affective Disorder in Sleep.
67: Self-Assessment Tools of Circadian Typology in Children, Adolescents, and Adults.
68: Self-Consciousness and Dreaming.
69: Self in Dreams, The.
70: Self-Organization from Chaos in Dreams.
71: Selfscape Dreams.
72: Serotonin in the Regulation of REM Sleep.
73: Sexual Dreams: Meaning and Practical Insight.
74: Shakespeare and Dreams.
75: Shamanism and Dreams.
76: Short Sleep.
77: Significance of Dreams in Western Australian Desert Aboriginal Worldview.
78: Sleep and Arthritis.
79: Sleep and Bird Songs.
80: Sleep and Brain Networks.
81: Sleep and Cardiometabolic Risk.
82: Sleep and Culture.
83: Sleep and Dreams in Psychiatric Disorders and Autism.
84: Sleep and Dreams in Western Antiquity.
85: Sleep and Evolution of Detailed Focal Vision.
86: Sleep and Growth Hormone Release.
87: Sleep and Mild Cognitive Impairment.
88: Sleep and Obesity.
89: Sleep and Shift Work.
90: Sleep and Suicide.
91: Sleep and the Endocrine System.
92: Sleep and the Generation of New Nerve Cells in the Adult Brain.
93: Sleep and the Metabolic Syndrome.
94: Sleep and Thermoregulation.
95: Sleep Apnea in Heart Failure.
96: Sleep as We Age.
97: Sleep Development in Infancy and Early Childhood.
98: Sleep Diaries.
99: Sleep Disordered Breathing in Teenagers.
100: Sleep Disorders and Dreaming.
101: Sleep Disorders in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease.
102: Sleep Disorders in Patients with Heart Failure.
103: Sleep Disturbances in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
104: Sleep, Dreams, and Personality.
105: Sleep, Dreams, and the Time Sense.
106: Sleep EEG across Adolescent Development.
107: Sleep Fragmentation.
108: Sleep in Adolescents.
109: Sleep in Aquatic Mammals.
110: Sleep in Children with Cancer.
111: Sleep in Disorders of Consciousness.
112: Sleep in Insects.
113: Sleep in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.
114: Sleep in Patients with Parkinson’s Disease.
115: Sleep in Patients with Wilson’s Disease.
116: Sleep, Inflammation, and Cardiovascular Disease.
117: Sleep Intensity and the Homeostatic Regulation of Sleep.
118: Sleep, Memory, and Dreams.
119: Sleep, Nightmares, and Psychiatry.
120: Sleep Pattern and Its Determining Factors in University Students.
121: Sleep Patterns in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndromes.
122: Sleep, Plasticity, and Metaplasticity.
123: Sleep Problems among Veterans of Foreign Wars.
124: Sleep, Psychiatric Disorders, and the Transdiagnostic Perspective.
125: Sleep Quality: A Behavioral Genetic Perspective.
126: Sleep-Related Hallucinations and Ghost Tales.
127: Sleep-Related Mental Activities in Insomnia: Role and Assessment.
128: Sleep Spindles.
129: Sleep Talking.
130: Sleep Variables and Handedness: Methodological Issues and State of the Field.
131: Sleepiness and Driving.
132: Sleeping and Dreaming Patterns in the Context of Attachment Relationships.
133: Social Network Analysis of Dream Content.
134: Sound-Work: The Neglected Sense in Working with Dream Images.
135: Space in Dreams.
136: Sports and Dreaming.
137: Stage behind the Eyes—Theater and Dreams.
138: Stages of Sleep and Associated Waveforms.
139: Structural Analysis of Dream Narratives.
140: Subjective Experience across States of Sleep and Wakefulness.
141: Sumerian Dream Beliefs.
142: Survivors of the Holocaust and Rwandan Genocide: Dream Accounts.
143: Synesthesia.
144: Tarotpy Method.
145: Tau Protein and Sleep–Wake Cycle.
146: Teaching Courses on Dreams.
147: Teaching Dreams via Dream Lab.
148: Television Consumption and Dreaming.
149: Theoretical Models and Neural Basis.
150: Theory of Mind and Dreaming.
151: Threat Simulation Theory.
152: Traditional Korean Dreams.
153: Traffic Noise and Autonomic Arousals during Sleep.
154: Transcendent Dreams.
155: Trauma Treatment and Dreams.
156: Types of Consciousness in Dreams.
157: Ullman Method of Group Dreamwork.
158: The Unconscious and Dreams before Freud.
159: Use of Noninvasive Techniques in the Study of Dreaming.
160: Using Dreams in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.
161: Video Game Play and Dreams.
162: Visual Art and Dreams.
163: White Noise and Sleep.
164: Women’s Dreams across the Life Cycle.
165: Yawning.
Appendix: Additional Resources on Sleep.
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