American Decades Primary Sources: 1990-1999

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Closing out the twentieth century, the 1990s showed no signs that the United States would enter quietly into the next millennium. Under the George H.W. Bush administration, U.S. troops fought in the first Gulf War, liberating Kuwait from Iraq. David Koresh's cult compound in Waco, Texas, was raided by federal agents. President Bill Clinton was impeached by Congress, but remained in office to complete his second term. NASA's Pathfinder sent images of Mars back to Earth. The curious could view the images on the rapidly expanding and increasingly accessible Internet. While new technology transformed much of how people communicated and worked, some business-place practices are universal. These were humorously represented in the new Dilbert comic strip.

The following documents are just a sampling of the offerings available in this volume:

  • Art work by African American artist Kara Walker
  • The Preamble to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
  • Transcript of National Public Radio broadcast about the Columbine shootings in Littleton, Colorado
  • Advertisement for Levi's Dockers pants
  • The First Bush-Clinton-Perot Debate
  • The Starr Report, September 9, 1998
  • Dilbert cartoon by Scott Adams accompanied by an excerpt from Adams's The Dilbert Principle
  • "Is Fox News Fair?" an article from the Columbia Journalism Review
  • President Clinton's Memorandum on Fetal Tissue Transplantation Research
  • Speech by Minister Louis Farrakhan at the Million Man March, October 17, 1995
  • Darwin's Black Box, by Michael Behe
  • "From Russia With Love," excerpts from Venus Williams's diary
  • Testimony from the confirmation hearings of Clarence Thomas



"This is a treasure trove covering everything from world events, education, social trends, and media to the arts, business, science, and law and justice. And, fortunatley, a sensible organization makes the information readily accessible...This informative study will be a useful addition to the reference collections of high schools and universites." -- ARBA (2002)