Encyclopedia Islamic Finance, 1st Edition

  • Nafis Alam
  • Bala Shanmugam
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  • Grade Level Range: College Freshman - College Senior
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The 11-volume Encyclopedia of Islam, New ed. (also known as EI-2) was published over a 42-year period from 1960 through 2002 and followed up with a 2004 Supplement. Starting in 1986, several early volumes were republished at the same time that new volumes were being published. Includes articles on Muslims of every age and land, on tribes and dynasties, on the crafts and sciences, on political and religious institutions, on the geography, ethnography of the various countries and on the history, topography and monuments of the major towns and cities. Its scope encompasses the old Arabo-Islamic empire, the Islamic countries of Iran, Central Asia, the Indian sub-continent and Indonesia, the Ottoman Empire and all other Islamic countries.

Table of Contents

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1: Abrar Sukuk.
2: Aayan Leasing & Investment Company.
3: Abaalkhail, Azzam.
4: ABC International Bank (ABCIB).
5: ABC Investment & Services Co EC: Arab Banking Corporation.
6: ABC Islamic Bank, Bahrain.
7: ABCIB Islamic Asset Management, Arab Banking Corporation.
8: Abdul-Hakim Dyer.
9: Abdulaziz AlGasim Law Firm.
10: Abdullah, Burhanuddin.
11: Abdul Malik, Abdul Rahman.
12: Abdul Rahman, Abdul Rahim.
13: Abdul Wahab, Abdul Manap.
14: Abdullah Bin Mohd Tahir.
15: Abdullah, Daud Vicary.
16: ABN Amro Bank, Bahrain.
17: Abrar Investment Fund.
18: Abrar Investments, Inc, Stamford CT.
19: Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (PJSC).
20: Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB).
21: Abu Dhabi National Takaful Company (PSC).
22: Adam, Nathif.
23: Adat.
24: Affin Islamic Bank Berhad (Affinislamic).
25: African Arabian Islamic Bank (AAIB).
26: Afridi & Angell.
27: Agreement for Promotion, Protection and Guarantee of Investments Among Member States of the Islamic Conference.
28: Ahmad Mohamed Ali Al-Madani.
29: Ahmad, Manzoor.
30: Ahmed, Shuaib.
31: AIG Takaful, Bahrain.
32: Airline Sukuk.
33: Ajr.
34: Akgunduz, Ahmet.
35: Akhtar, Shamshad.
36: Akida Islamic Bank International Ltd.
37: Akl Al-Suht.
38: Akl Bil Batil.
39: Al-Aariyah.
40: Al-Adl.
41: ALAFCO Aviation Lease and Finance Company, Kuwait.
42: Al-Ahlia Insurance Company.
43: Al Ahli Asia Pacific Trading Equity.
44: Al Ahli Auto Finance Fund A.
45: Al Ahli Auto Finance Fund B.
46: Al Ahli Emerging Markets Trading Equity Fund.
47: Al Ahli Euro Murabahat Fund.
48: Al Ahli Europe Trading Equity.
49: Al Ahli GCC Trading Equity Fund.
50: Al Ahli Global Equity Secured (Series B).
51: Al Ahli Global Trading Equity.
52: Al Ahli Global Trading Equity Fund.
53: Al Ahli Healthcare Trading Equity.
54: Al Ahli International Equity Secured.
55: Al Ahli Real Estate Income Fund.
56: Al Ahli Sadaqaat.
57: Al Ahli Saudi Dynamic Trading Equity.
58: Al Ahli Saudi Trading Equity.
59: Al Ahli Secured Saudi Trading Equity Fund ‘A’.
60: Al Ahli Small Cap Trading Equity.
61: Al-Ahli Takaful.
62: Al Ahli Three Year Murabaha Fund.
63: Al Ahli US Equity Secured.
64: Al Ahli US Trading Equity.
65: Al- Ain.
66: Al Aman Fund.
67: Al-Aman Investment Company.
68: Al Aman Takaful Insurance (ATI).
69: Al Ameen Islamic Financial & Investment Corp. (India) Ltd (AIFIC), Karnataka.
70: Al-Amil.
71: Al-Amin Al-Amm.
72: Al-Amin Al-Khass.
73: Al Amin Company for Securities and Investment Funds.
74: Al-Amwal Al-Fadilah.
75: Al-Amwal Al-Ribawiyyah.
76: Al-Aqar.
77: Al-Aqid.
78: Al Arabi Saudi Co. Shares.
79: Al-Arafa Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited.
80: Al-Ariyah.
81: Al-Ariyah Al-Madmunah.
82: Al Badr Fund Saudi Riyal.
83: Al Badr US Dollar.
84: Al Bait Global Equity.
85: Al Bait UK Real Estate Fund.
86: Al Baraka Bangladesh Ltd (Dallah Al Baraka Group), Dhaka.
87: Al Baraka Bank.
88: Albaraka Banking Group(ABG).
89: Al-Baraka Bank Lebanon(SAL).
90: Al Baraka Bank Limited.
91: Al Baraka Bank Ltd, Durban.
92: Al Baraka Dow Jones Islamic Index Fund.
93: Al Baraka General Fund.
94: Al Baraka Global Equity.
95: Al Barakah Bank Lebanon.
96: Al Barakah Turkish Finance House (ABTFH).
97: Albaraka International Ltd, London.
98: Albaraka Investment Co. Ltd, London.
99: Al Baraka Islamic Investment Bank.
100: Al-Baraka United Insurance.
101: Al Bukhari Global Equity.
102: Alburaq.
103: Al Danah GCC Equity Trading Fund.
104: Al Dar Assets Management Company, Kuwait (ADAM).
105: Al Dar Eastern Europe Equities.
106: Al Dar Europe Equities.
107: Al Darij Fund.
108: Al Dar World Equities.
109: Al Deara Real Estate Fund.
110: Al Durra Islamic Fund.
111: Al-Falah Investment Ltd.
112: Alfanar Essex Technology.
113: Alfanar Europe.
114: Alfanar Global Healthcare.
115: Alfanar Investment Holdings.
116: Alfanar US Capital Growth.
117: Alfanar US Capital Value.
118: Alfanar US Large Cap.
119: Alfiras Global Equity.
120: Al Fursan Brazil, Russia, India, China Equity Trading Fund.
121: Algerian Saudi Leasing Holding Co. (Dallah Al Baraka Group).
122: Al Ghunm Bil Ghurm.
123: Al Hadi Islamic Portfolio.
124: Al Hesn Islamic Fund.
125: Al Hilal Fund.
126: Al-Huda Center of Islamic Banking and Islamic Economics.
127: Al-Ikhtiyarat.
128: Al Islami Capital Protected CROCI Note.
129: Al Islami French Property Fund.
130: Al Islami Savings Scheme.
131: Al Islami Shipping Fund.
132: Al-Jahbadh.
133: Al-Jarhi, Mabid Ali.
134: Al-Jawali.
135: Al Jazeera Islamic Company, Qatar.
136: Al-Jazira Takaful Tawuni, Bank.
137: Al-Jibayah.
138: Al-Jizyah.
139: Al-Juzaf.
140: Al Kawthar Fund.
141: Al Kawthar Global Equity Secured.
142: Al-Khabeer Financial Advisors.
143: Al Khair Equity Fund.
144: Al Khair Global Equity Fund.
145: Al-Khaleej Insurance and Reinsurance Company, Qatar.
146: Al-kharaj Bildaman.
147: Al Khawarizmi Fund.
148: Alliance Bank.
149: Alliance Dana Adib.
150: Almaal.
151: Al Madina Finance & Investment Company, Kuwait(SAKC).
152: Al-Madina Realty, Inc., Englewood NJ.
153: Al Manal Global Equity Trading Fund.
154: Al Manarah Conservative Growth Portfolio.
155: Al Manarah High Growth Portfolio.
156: Al Manarah Medium Growth Portfolio.
157: Al-Manzil Islamic Financial Services.
158: Al Marfaa Al Mali Sukuk.
159: Al Mashariq Japanese Equity.
160: Al Masref Bank.
161: Al Meeza, Husein Mohammed Salem Mohammed.
162: Al-Mofaviza.
163: Al Mokdam Islamic Portfolio.
164: Al Mubarakah Portfolio.
165: Al Mumayyaz 2 - Prime Industrial.
166: Al-Muragaha Al-Islamiyah.
167: Al Naqaa Al Mubarak Fund.
168: Al Naqaa Asia Growth Fund.
169: Al Noor Equity Trading Fund.
170: Al Nukhba Asian Equity.
171: Al Qindeel High Yield USD Murabaha and Forfaiting Fund.
172: Al Rajhi Balanced Fund I.
173: Al Rajhi Balanced Fund II.
174: Al Rajhi Bank.
175: Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia.
176: Al Rajhi Children Fund.
177: Al Rajhi Commodity Mudarabah Fund.
178: Al Rajhi Commodity Mudarabah Fund Euro.
179: Al Rajhi Egypt Equity.
180: Al Rajhi European Equity Fund.
181: Al Rajhi First Real Estate Fund.
182: Al Rajhi GCC Equity Fund.
183: Al Rajhi Global Equity.
184: Al Rajhi India & China Equity Fund.
185: Al Rajhi International Small Capitalization Fund.
186: Al Rajhi Ladies Fund.
187: Al Rajhi Local Share Fund.
188: Al Rajhi Middle East Equity.
189: Al Rajhi Small Companies.
190: Al Rayyan Bank.
191: Al Rayyan II French Property Fund.
192: Al Riaya Senior Housing Fund.
193: Al Safa Investment Fund.
194: Al Salam Bank, Bahrain.