Western Books on Asia: India and the West: Bound Pamphlets

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From the holdings of Ames Library of South Asia, University of Minnesota

This project incorporates the Ames South Asia Library collection of rare pamphlets published in the 17-19th centuries compliments PSMs previous publication of rare monographs from Ames holdings. The microform set of unique and rare pamphlet titles consists of 107 bound volumes, with 1,129 items. Over decades this assortment of sources has been available only to readers at the University of Minnesota.

The 18th and early 19th century materials on British politics are found throughout the collection. Speeches, tracts prepared by interest groups, and records of public meetings are well represented and provide unique material on changing attitudes and political themes, along with numerous shorter works (often ten to fifty pages) by individuals. Missionary society publications also are included. Longer pamphlets and treatises may also be found, often very detailed and filled with information on institutions such as Parliament and the East India Company.

The publications on India and often published in the subcontinent provide an especially rewarding assortment of reference materials. They cover reform, trade, social issues, economics, developments in the Indian states, early political mobilization, and policy matters relating to famine, agriculture, irrigation, and culture. Well over half of the publications are on India, primarily from the 19th Century.

Charles Lesley Ames particularly collected travel accounts and ethnography, the third major group of publications in the set. They cover greater Asia, India, Afghanistan, and numerous tribes and religious groups. Researchers will find a number of titles on military campaigns that include descriptions of personal experiences, in addition to locale.

48 reels