Gay Rights Movement: Series 10: Lesbian Herstory Archives Newsletter Collection

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From the holdings of the Lesbian Herstory Archives/Lesbian Herstory Educational Foundation

Since its inception in 1973, the Lesbian Herstory Archives has been committed to preserving the newsletters of a myriad of lesbian organizations, large and small, from late 1960s lesbian feminist liberation to groups that sprouted over time in their wake. Today the newsletter collection reflects the breadth of organizing that is the hallmark of lesbian feminism; it preserves the political initiatives and position papers of lesbian groups over the last 35 years; and it serves as a record of everyday life of the lesbian community.

The nearly 300 titles in the Lesbian Herstory Archives Newsletter Collection have been carefully selected for rarity, significance, and completeness from more than 1,500 titles in the Archive's collection. Selected titles represent a broad range of lesbian political and social activist organizations and feature abundant examples of longstanding lesbian or LGBT groups, as well as many that did not survive beyond a few years of activity. Included is a large collection of newsletters from groups in the New York metropolitan area and in California, as well as substantial holdings of newsletters from groups in 44 states from coast to coast. There are titles from lesbian and gay religious congregations, good runs of rare Daughter of Bilitis newsletters from a number of chapters, and newsletters of African American and Asian American lesbian organizations.

Lesbian Herstory Archives Newsletter Collection provides a wealth of materials and information for scholars of lesbian history, gender and sexuality studies, women's history, sociology, researchers investigating social change and social justice movements, and researchers seeking special materials on twentieth-century American organizational theory and practice.

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