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Gale's Ready Reference Shelf uses the power of electronic searching to create an integrated resource that incorporates Gale's most popular general reference directories. Users can access more than 355,500 entries for associations, research centers, publishers, publications (ranging from newspapers and newsletters to periodicals and directories), databases, television and radio stations and more.

Fully searchable across all fields, Gale's Ready Reference Shelf contains information drawn from current editions of the following directories - Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S., Encyclopedia of Associations: International Associations, Encyclopedia of Associations: Regional, State and Local Organizations, Publishers Directory, Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media, Directories in Print, Gale Directory of Databases, Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers, Research Centers Directory, Government Research Directory, International Research Centers Directory, Encyclopedia of American Religions, and Encyclopedia of Governmental Advisory Organizations.

Gale's Ready Reference Shelf can be used to locate reference information on any subject, organization, publication, database or broadcast station. Students, public and academic librarians and other researchers will find the cross-directory searching capability of Gale's Ready Reference Shelf invaluable. Gale's Ready Reference Shelf is designed to deliver results quickly, however you wish to search by using numerous fields including but not limited to entry name, location (state, province, country), keyword and several fields simultaneously.

Features and Benefits

  • Save time by simultaneously searching all 14 titles.
  • interfaces are designed specifically for the integrated content.
  • Facilitates complex search strategies, very broad or very specific.
  • Locate information from sources that might have been overlooked in a print search.


"this online version does add enormous value to some well-known standard print resources; it is vastly more convenient and powerful than its original parts." -- Choice, W. P. Hogan, Eastern Michigan University

— W. P. Hogan, Eastern Michigan University

"This suite of online directories will be valuable for libraries that currently invest in several of the individual titles in either print or online form. Smaller institutions on a tight budget may regard this database as a luxury, since most organizations now have Web sites offering basic directory information freely on the Internet. However, this online version does add enormous value to some well-known standard print resources; it is vastly more convenient and powerful than its original parts, the 13 print-format annual directories. Summing Up: Highly recommended. Libraries that currently purchase these directories individually; general readers, researchers, and professionals." -- Choice, February 2011

— Choice

"Easy to use on the Web and would be welcome in all types of libraries where detailed directory information is needed for organizations and publications." -- CHOICE (August 1999)

— Choice

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