Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare, 2nd Edition

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From the use of animals in medical experiments to the preservation of endangered species in zoos, human beings' responsibility to and for their fellow animals has become an increasingly controversial subject. This book, which Jane Goodall in her foreword calls unique, informative, and exciting, provides a provocative overview of the many different perspectives on the issues of animal rights and animal welfare in an easy-to-use encyclopedic format. Students, teachers and interested readers can explore the ideas of well-known philosophers, biologists and psychologists in this field, such as Peter Singer, Tom Regan, and over 125 others, all of whom have contributed original entries.

Table of Contents

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Half Title Page.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
Alphabetical List of Entries.
Guide to Related Topics.
1: Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights.
2: Affective Ethology.
3: Alternatives to Animal Experiments in the Life Sciences.
4: Alternatives to Animal Experiments: Reduction, Refinement, and Replacement.
5: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Aspca).
6: Amphibians.
7: Animal Body, Alteration of.
8: Animal Liberation Ethics.
9: Animal Models and Animal Welfare.
10: Animal Protection: The Future of Activism.
11: Animal Reproduction, Human Control.
12: Animal Rights.
13: Animal Rights Movement, New Welfarism.
14: Animal Shelters.
15: Animal Studies.
16: Animal Subjectivity.
17: Animal Welfare.
18: Animal Welfare and Animal Rights, a Comparison.
19: Animal Welfare: Assessment.
20: Animal Welfare: Coping.
21: Animal Welfare: Freedom.
22: Animal Welfare: Risk Assessment.
23: Animal-Assisted Therapy.
24: Animals in Space.
25: Anthropocentrism.
26: Anthropomorphism.
27: Anthropomorphism: Critical Anthropomorphism.
28: Anthrozoology.
29: Antivivisectionism.
30: Argument from Marginal Cases.
31: Art, Animals, and Ethics.
32: Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights (Avar).
33: Autonomy of Animals.
34: Beak Trimming.
35: Bestiality.
36: Bestiality: History of Attitudes.
37: Blessing of the Animals Rituals.
38: Blood Sports.
39: Bullfighting.
40: Caging.
41: Captive Breeding Ethics.
42: Cats.
43: Chickens.
44: Chimpanzees in Captivity.
45: China: Animal Rights and Animal Welfare.
46: China: Moon Bears and the Bear Bile Industry.
47: Cockfighting.
48: Companion Animals.
49: Companion Animals, Welfare, and the Human-Animal Bond.
50: Consciousness, Animal.
51: Conservation Ethics, Elephants.
52: Cosmic Justice.
53: Cruelty to Animals and Human Violence.
54: Cruelty to Animals: Enforcement of Anti-Cruelty Laws.
55: Cruelty to Animals: Prosecuting Anti-Cruelty Laws.
56: Deep Ethology.
57: Deviance and Animals.
58: Disasters and Animals.
59: Disasters and Animals: Legal Treatment in the United States.
60: Disneyfication.
61: Dissection in Science and Health Education.
62: Distress in Animals.
63: Docking.
64: Dogfighting.
65: Dogs.
66: Dolphins.
67: Domestication.
68: Dominionism.
69: Donkeys.
70: Draize Test.
71: Ecofeminism and Animal Rights.
72: Ecological Inclusion: Unity Among Animals.
73: Elephants.
74: Embryo Research.
75: Empathy with Animals.
76: Endangered Species Act.
77: Endangered Species and Ethical Perspectives.
78: Enrichment and Well-Being for Zoo Animals.
79: Entertainment and Amusement: Animals in the Performing Arts.
80: Entertainment and Amusement: Circuses, Rodeos, and Zoos.
81: Environmental Ethics.
82: Equal Consideration.
83: Euthanasia.
84: Evolutionary Continuity.
85: Exotic Species.
86: Experimentation and Research with Animals.
87: Extinction and Ethical Perspectives.
88: Factory Farms.
89: Factory Farms and Emerging Infectious Diseases.
90: Field Studies and Ethics.
91: Field Studies: Animal Immobilization.
92: Field Studies: Ethics of Communication Research with Wild Animals.
93: Field Studies: Noninvasive Wildlife Research.
94: Fish.
95: Fishing as Sport.
96: Food Animals: Ethics and Methods of Raising Animals.
97: The Gender Gap and Policies Toward Animals.
98: Genetic Engineering.
99: Genetic Engineering and Farmed Animal Cloning.
100: Genetic Engineering: Genethics.
101: Global Warming and Animals.
102: The Great Ape Project.
103: Great Apes and Language Research.
104: Horse Slaughter.
105: Human Effects on Animal Behavior.
106: Humane Education.
107: Humane Education, Animal Welfare, and Conservation.
108: Humane Education Movement.
109: Humane Education Movement in Schools.
110: Humane Education: The Humane University.
111: Humane Society of the United States.
112: Hunting, History of Ideas.