Perspectives on Social Media Marketing, 1st Edition

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  • This publication's content originally published in print form: 2011

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PERSPECTIVES ON SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING addresses 89 of the most compelling and important issues that marketers face on a regular basis when it comes to social media, providing advice and insight on how to deal with each issue from the perspective of two thought leaders in this arena: Stephanie Agresta from Porter Novelli and B. Bonin Bough from PepsiCo. Together, they discuss what social media is, how it has changed the marketing landscape, how to implement a tactical and strategic social media plan across your organization, how to best measure the ROI of a social media campaign, and more.

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Table of Contents.
Opening Remarks.
1: Really Understanding Social Media.
2: Q: How Would You Define Social Media?.
3: Q: Why Does Social Media Have Such a Powerful Impact?.
4: Q: How Has Social Media Changed General Marketing Strategies?.
5: Q: Does Branding Still Matter? Has the Definition of “Brand” Changed?.
6: Q: Can Small Companies and Entrepreneurs Take Advantage of Social Media? or Is It Mostly for Large Players?.
7: Q: What Is Personal Branding and How Important Is It?.
8: Q: Should Companies Allow Executives or Other Employees to Develop Personal Brands as Representatives of the Company?.
9: Q: What Are Some of the Popular Misconceptions Many Marketers Have about Social Media?.
10: Q: Should Traditional Marketing Efforts Be Relegated to a Museum? or Do They Still Hold Value?.
11: Q: How (If at All) Has Social Media Altered the Consumer Buying Cycle?.
12: Q: Is Social Media an Evolution of Marketing or an Evolution of Public Relations? How Has Social Media Changed PR?.
13: Q: How Has Social Media Changed Customer Service?.
14: Q: What Are the Five Most Common Mistakes or Misconceptions Most Marketing Managers Make When It Comes to Social Media?.
15: Q: Is It Possible for Any Company to Ignore Social Media Completely but Still Survive and Succeed?.
16: Q: Do Consumers Really Want to Communicate with Brands? Why?.
17: Q: Is Social Networking More about Networking or More about Marketing?.
18: Q: Is There Such a Thing as Privacy Anymore?.
19: Q: Can B2B Companies Use Social Media to Their Advantage? How?.
20: Q: What Is Meant by “Engagement” and Why Has It Become Such an Important Topic?.
21: Q: Why Does Transparency in Marketing Matter More Now than It Did Prior to the Social Media Boom?.
22: Q: How, If at All, Has Social Media Changed the Way People Relate to Each Other and the World in General?.
23: Implementing Strategy.
24: Q: What Is the Cost of Entry for a Social Media Marketing Effort?.
25: Q: Is It Possible to Run a Regional Social Media Campaign? or Is It Impossible to Contain?.
26: Q: Should Marketers Seek to Integrate Social Media Efforts with Traditional Efforts? or Should They Be Kept, Planned, and Run Independently of Each Other?.
27: Q: If There Is Room for Social Media and Traditional Efforts to Be Integrated, What Strategy Should Be Planned First: Social Media or Traditional? or Should Both Be Planned Simultaneously?.
28: Q: What Tools Are “Must Haves” for Every Social Media–Marketing Effort?.
29: Q: What Advice Would You Give a Manager for a Company That Has so Far Ignored Social Media but Now Wants to Get up to Speed?.
30: Q: Everyone Knows the Big Three Networks: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Do Marketers Need to Focus on Any Other Networks?.
31: Q: Are Digital Agencies Ready to Lead?.
32: Q: Should Strategy Come from PR or Marketing?.
33: Q: Can There Be a Creative Foundation in a Social Media Effort? or Is It Simply an Ongoing Conversation?.
34: Q: Should Employees Be Allowed or Encouraged to Use Social Media on Behalf of the Companies They Work for?.
35: Q: What Are the Best Ways to Use Social Media to Deal with a PR Crisis?.
36: Q: What Specific Ways Can Marketers Use Social Media to Improve Customer Service? What about Market Research?.
37: Q: How Can Social Media Be Used to Reach the Mainstream Media for PR Purposes? Do Traditional Releases Still Play a Role in PR Strategies?.
38: Q: Considering FTC Laws Regulating Paid Blogging Reviews, How Can Blogger Outreach Still Be Used Effectively?.
39: Q: What Are the Best Ways to Create and Use Blogs for Attracting an Audience? Are There Any Set Rules That Marketers Should Follow When Developing a Blog?.
40: Q: Somebody Left a Dissenting or Disparaging Comment on My Blog. Should I Delete It?.
41: Q: Should the Voice of Online Communications Be the Same as the One Used Offline, Such as in Body Copy for a Print Ad?.
42: Q: Should Companies Allow Consumers to Publicly Review Their Products or Services on Their Site? What If the Reviews Are Bad?.
43: Q: With so Many Sites, and so Many Conversations Taking Place in Real Time, How Can a Marketing Director Keep up with Everything?.
44: Q: What's More Important When It Comes to Social Media Campaigns: Concept, Conversation, or Collaboration?.
45: Q: What Are Wikis, Widgets, and Applications, and What Role Do They Play in Social Media Marketing?.
46: Q: How Can Companies Use Social Media Internally to Improve Employee Morale?.
47: Q: How Can Companies Encourage Employees to Use Social Media Without Putting Internal Project Deadlines and Productivity at Risk?.
48: Q: Where and How Do You Find the Consumers You Want to Talk To?.
49: Q: When (If at All) Is It Appropriate to Join a Conversation among Consumers about Your Brand?.
50: Q: How Can Brands Provide Useful Information through Social Media Without Being Overly Promotional?.
51: Q: How Can Brands Maneuver an Online Conversation Toward Consideration of Their Product or Service?.
52: Q: A Renegade Consumer Is Publicly Making Negative Comments about Your Brand. Should You Deal with It Publicly or Try to Reach out to This Consumer Offline?.
53: Q: Who Should Maintain a Company's Social Media Presence?.
54: Q: Implementing a Social Media Strategy Takes Dollars from a Budget That Could Be Allocated Elsewhere. Where Should Those Dollars Come From?.
55: Q: Are Paid Online Endorsements by Celebrities Worthwhile?.
56: Q: Is Design an Important Part of Social Media? How and Why?.
57: Q: What Components Should Your Company's Social Media Handbook Include?.
58: Q: In Advertising, They Say Repetition Is Key. Does Repetition Matter in Social Media?.
59: Tactical Implementation.
60: Q: What Are Your Five Most Important Tips for Using Twitter in Communication Strategies?.
61: Q: Unsavory Users Are Following Your Brand. Should You Block Them or Allow It?.
62: Q: Should Your Company Follow People on Twitter, or Just Be Followed?.
63: Q: Is There a Formula for How Often Your Company Should Tweet? Is There a Minimum or Maximum per Day That You Would Recommend?.
64: Q: Is It Okay to Send the Same Tweet Multiple Times?.
65: Q: What Is a Recommended Tweet Ratio of Conversation to Promotion?.
66: Q: How Can Hashtags Be Used to Improve Twitter Marketing Performance?.
67: Q: What Are Your Five Favorite Twitter Tools?.
68: Q: Are Facebook Fan Pages for Everyone? How Can Companies Best Use Fan Pages to Promote Their Brand?.
69: Q: What Are Some Practical Ways That Facebook Applications Can Be Used to Generate Awareness?.
70: Q: What Would You Say Are the Three Most Important Rules or Guidelines Marketers Should Follow When Using Facebook?.
71: Q: What Role Does Streaming Video Play in Social Media Marketing? How Can It Be Used Most Effectively?.
72: Q: Is There a Sure-Fire Recipe for Creating a Successful Viral Video or Application? What Tips Would You Give for Creating Content That Catches On?.
73: Q: Is Blogging Important in Terms of Marketing? Why?.
74: Q: What Five Points Separate Good Blogs from Bad Blogs?.
75: Q: What Are Your Favorite Platforms, Tools, and Widgets for Creating a Great Blog?.
76: Q: What Other Tools, Sites, Applications, or Networks Would You Recommend That Haven't Already Been Covered or Discussed in This Book?.
77: Managing, Measuring, and Achieving Success.
78: Q: What Accounts for Success in a Social Media–Marketing Campaign?.
79: Q: How Is Social Media Measurement Different from Traditional Marketing Measurement?.
80: Q: Is There a Direct Relationship between Social Media and Sales?.
81: Q: Once Information Is out on the Social Web, It Can Be Hard If Not Impossible to Take It Back. What Can You Do in the Event of a Mistake?.
82: Q: Are Agencies Necessary? or Can Brands Handle Social Media Campaigns on Their Own?.
83: Q: In the Social Space, Conversations Change in Real Time. How Can Small, Medium, and Large Companies Keep Up?.
84: Q: What Role Does Measuring Market Sentiment Play in Achieving Overall Success? What Are the Best Ways to Measure It?.
85: Q: Is It Possible, or Even Important, to Set Goals for Social Media Outreach? If So, How?.
86: Q: Is It Ever Too Late to Start Social Media?.
87: Q: Can Online Efforts Really Contribute to Offline Sales? Is There Evidence Supporting This, One Way or the Other?.
88: Q: What Are Some of the Best Tools for Measuring Success?.
89: Just for Fun.
90: Q: What Will the Internet Look like Three Years from Now? What Will It Look like 10 Years from Now?.
91: Q: What Would You Consider to Be the Best Social Media Campaign Ever Run?.
92: Q: What Would You Consider to Be the Worst Social Media Campaign Ever Run?.
93: Q: Which Companies (Other than Your Own) Really Seem to Get It When It Comes to Social Media Marketing?.
94: Q: Which Industry Experts Do You Admire and Why?.