Collections of the United Farm Workers of America: National Farm Workers Association

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Founded by Cesar Chavez and a precursor to the United Farm Workers organization, the NFWA was formed to focus on the problems of Spanish speaking migrant workers. Their records cover the formative years of the association, marked by membership drives, grape and lettuce strikes and boycotts. Much of the material is in Spanish.

Subjects covered by these records include:

  • AWOC
  • California Migrant Ministry
  • DiGiorgio Company
  • Foreign Contract Labor
  • Immigration
  • MAPA
  • Mexican-American Organizations
  • NLRB
  • OEO
  • Pilgrimage to Sacramento
  • Schenley Company
  • Strikes
  • Teamsters
  • Union Agreements
  • US Senate Migratory Labor Committee

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