Computing and Connecting in the 21st Century, 1st Edition

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  • Grade Level Range: 9th Grade - 12th Grade
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  • Original Copyright 2012 | Published/Released April 2012
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Originally conceived to assist with complex mathematical problems and computations, computers once existed as far simpler versions of their modern counterparts. As the ability to process and store data has become increasingly sophisticated, so too have the devices and resources—from iPads to social networking sites—that allow us to stay plugged in. These exciting volumes examine the technologies that keep us informed, entertained, and connected, wholly revolutionizing life on Earth. Along the way, readers are introduced to the individuals whose work brought forth the systems and networks that we've come to depend on today. The history and evolution of a wide variety of technologies are examined in depth. Sidebars highlight relevant concepts, individuals, and events. Glossaries explain key technical terms.

Products Included

Computing and Connecting in the 21st Century: Architects of the Information Age  (ISBN-10: 1615307176 | ISBN-13: 9781615307173)

The rapid development of computer technology since the mid-20th century would not have even been imaginable without the brainpower of individuals dedicated to innovation and turning the seemingly impossible into reality. As far back as the eighteenth century, inventors began setting the stage for future minds to advance hardware and software that would change our world forever. This engaging volume introduces readers to the titans of the technology industry, including Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg, among many others.

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Computing and Connecting in the 21st Century: Breakthroughs in Telephone Technology  (ISBN-10: 1615307249 | ISBN-13: 9781615307241)

In an age where near-instantaneous communication is available through all manners of portable and pocket-sized devices, it is easy to overlook the genesis of telecommunication instrumentation—the telephone. Since Alexander Graham Bell patented the first phone in the 1800s, the telephone has undergone numerous changes to its look and functionality. This detailed volume examines the development of the telephone and related technologies, including everything from the transistor to fax machines, smart phones, and VoIP technology.

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Computing and Connecting in the 21st Century: Computing  (ISBN-10: 1615307079 | ISBN-13: 9781615307074)

Humans have long attempted to mechanize calculations—mathematical and otherwise—and build problem-solving machines. Yet it was not until the 20th century, with the advent of the computer, that such technology truly hit its stride. Indispensable to nearly all industry and increasingly vital to individuals around the globe, the computer has come to be an icon of the modern age. This insightful volume chronicles the history of computing devices, from simple tabulators such as the abacus and the earliest analog calculators to the tablet computer. Also adroitly covered is how the Internet has spurred computing innovation.

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Computing and Connecting in the 21st Century: Gaming  (ISBN-10: 1615307362 | ISBN-13: 9781615307364)

Boasting vivid graphics, rapid pacing, and complex narratives, electronic games have evolved both visually and substantially since the early days of Spacewar! and Pong. By allowing users to explore fictional universes, engage in stealth missions, play like their favorite athletes or musicians, and imagine realities both similar to and far-removed from their own, electronic games appeal to a variety of individuals and interests. This absorbing volume details the development of electronic gaming including arcade and early home video consoles through massive multiplayer online games, and examines some of the most popular games of all time.

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Computing and Connecting in the 21st Century: Issues in Cyberspace  (ISBN-10: 1615307389 | ISBN-13: 9781615307388)

The technological phenomenon known as the Internet has revolutionized the way people work, play, consume, socialize—essentially the way humans interact in general. Along with unparalleled access to information and such cultural juggernauts as Facebook and YouTube, this technology also has given rise to cybercrime, malware, and a host of other issues as well. This comprehensive volume examines the beginnings of the Internet, the development of the various content and services within cyberspace, and the potential risks of operating within an increasingly interconnected world.

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