Latin American History and Culture: An Archival Record: Series 9: Collections from the Latin American Library, Tulane University Part 3: The William Gates Collection of Yucatecan Letters, 1778-1863

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The Yucatecan Letters consist of correspondence received by the Captaincy General of Yucatan after 1778, and after independence, by the Commandant General of Arms for the State of Yucatán. The majority, destined for Mérida, come from Campeche, Sisal, and Bacalar. Several letters, however, originate in Veracruz, Habana, Madrid, and Cádiz, while some are written and sent within the confines of Mérida. The writers are most often the ranking officers at the various outposts under the command of the Captain General. Yet civilians, priests, foreigners, the King's ministers, and the Captain General himself often write. Filed in chronological order, these manuscripts fall topically into three broad areas: economic, military, and legal affairs.

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