The Declaration of Independence: America's First Founding Document in U.S. History and Culture, 1st Edition

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A comprehensive resource for understanding all aspects of the Declaration of Independence, which marked the formal beginning of the colonies' march toward the creation of the United States of America, this encyclopedia contains more than 200 entries examining various facets of the Declaration of Independence and its enduring impact on American law, politics, and culture. It details key concepts, principles, and intellectual influences that informed the creation of the document, reviews charges leveled in the Declaration against the British crown, summarizes the events of the first and second Continental Congresses, profiles influential architects and signers of the Declaration, discusses existing copies of the Declaration, explains the document's influence on other governments/nations, covers historic sites related to the document, and discusses depictions of the document and its architects in American art, music, and literature over time.

Table of Contents

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Half Title Page.
Title Page.
Copyright Page.
Topical List of Entries.
Interesting Facts.
1: Abdication of Government (Charge #23).
2: Abolitionism.
3: Abuses and Usurpations.
4: Act of Abjuration (Plakkaat Van Verlatinge, 1581).
5: Adams, John.
6: Adams, John Quincy, Independence Day Address (July 4, 1821).
7: Address to the Inhabitants of the Colonies (Wilson).
8: Address to the People of Great Britain (October 21, 1774).
9: Albert H. Small Declaration of Independence Collection.
10: Ambition.
11: An Answer to the Declaration of the American Congress (Lind).
12: Attestation Clauses.
13: Audiences for the Declaration of Independence.
14: Bentham’s Short Review of the Declaration of Independence.
15: Bill of Rights.
16: Binns Engraving of the Declaration of Independence.
17: British Constitution.
18: British Crown.
19: British Deposition Apologias.
20: Calhoun, John C..
21: Called Together Legislative Bodies Unusually (Charge #4).
22: Capitalization and Punctuation in the Declaration of Independence.
23: Captions of the Declaration of Independence.
24: Charges Against the King and Others.
25: Circumstances of Our Emigration and Settlement.
26: Civilian Control of the Military (Charge #12).
27: Coins and Stamps Depicting the Declaration of Independence.
28: Committee Responsible for Writing the Declaration of Independence.
29: COmmon Sense (Paine).
30: Congress Voting Independence (Painting by Savage).
31: Congressional and Presidential References to the Declaration of Independence.
32: Congressional Response to Lord North’s Conciliatory Resolution.
33: Connecticut and Its Signers.
34: Consent of the Governed.
35: Considerations on the Nature and Extent of Legislative Authority of the British Parliament (Wilson).
36: Conspiracy.
37: Constrained Our Fellow Citizens Taken Captive on the High Seas (Charge #26).
38: Covenants and Compacts.
39: Creation of New State Governments.
40: Creed/Scriptures.
41: Debates Over the Declaration of Independence.
42: Declaration (Meaning of Term).
43: Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress (1774).
44: Declaration House.
45: Declaration of Independence Desk.
46: Declaration of Sentiments (1848).
47: Declaration on the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms.
48: Declaratory Act of 1766.
49: Delaware and Its Signers.
50: Democracy.
51: Dickinson (John) Speech Opposing the Declaration of Independence.
52: Dissolution of Government.
53: Dissolved Representative Houses (Charge #5).
54: Dunlap Broadside Printing of the Declaration of Independence.
55: Endeavored to Prevent the Population (Charge #7).
56: English Declaration of Rights.
57: Engravings and Printings of the Declaration of Independence.
58: Engrossed Declaration of Independence (Matlack).
59: Equality.
60: Erected A Multitude of New Offices (Charge #10).
61: Evolution of the Text.
62: Facts.
63: Family.
64: Faulkner, Barry (Painting).
65: Federalism.
66: Forbidding Governors From Passing Laws (Charge #2).
67: Franklin, Benjamin.
68: Friends and Enemies.
69: George III, Proclamation of Rebellion (August 23, 1775).
70: George III, Speech to Parliament (October 27, 1775).
71: George III, Speech to Parliament (October 31, 1776).
72: Georgia and Its Signers.
73: God.
74: Goddard Printing of the Declaration of Independence.
75: Hancock’s Letters Accompanying the Declaration of Independence.
76: He Has Combined With Others (Charge #13).
77: Howe’s Circular Letter (1776).
78: Human Nature and the Declaration of Independence.
79: Independence.
80: Independence Day.
81: Independence Hall.
82: International Law.
83: Interpreting the Declaration of Independence.
84: Jefferson, Thomas.
85: Jefferson Memorial.
86: Jefferson’s Epitaph.
87: Jefferson’s Last Words on the Declaration of Independence.
88: Jefferson’s Notes on Debates Over Independence.
89: Jefferson’s Resolutions on Lord North’s Conciliatory Proposal.
90: Jefferson’s Speech to Jean Baptiste Ducoigne (1781).
91: Justice.
92: Kingship.
93: Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.
94: Legal Form of the Declaration of Independence.
95: Length of the Declaration of Independence.
96: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
97: Lincoln, Abraham.
98: List of Infringements and Violations of Rights (Warren).
99: Locke, John.
100: Made Judges Dependent on His Will (Charge #9).
101: Majority Rule and Unanimity.
102: Martin Luther King Jr. Legislation.
103: Maryland and Its Signers.
104: Massachusetts and Its Signers.
105: Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence.
106: Memorial to the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence.
107: Moral Virtues in the Declaration of Independence.
108: Musical Play 1776.
109: Native American Indians (Charge #27).
110: Necessity.
111: New Hampshire and Its Signers.
112: New Jersey and Its Signers.
113: New York and Its Signers.
114: Nor Have We Been Wanting in Attention to Our English Brethren.
115: North Carolina and Its Signers.
116: Northwest Ordinance of 1787.
117: Obstructed the Administration of Justice (Charge #8).
118: Olive Branch Petition.
119: Originality of the Declaration of Independence.
120: Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor.
121: Outline and Organization of the Declaration of Independence.
122: Pennsylvania and Its Signers.
123: People.
124: Petition to King George III (1774).
125: Petitions for Redress Ignored (Charge #28).
126: Philadelphia.
127: Plundered Our Seas (Charge #24).
128: Preamble to the Resolution of Virginia Convention (May 15, 1776).
129: Preserving the Declaration of Independence.
130: Proclamation, Reading, and Reception of the Declaration of Independence.
131: Property Rights.
132: Protecting Troops by Mock Trials (Charge #15).
133: Prudence.
134: Quartering Troops (Charge #14).
135: Quebec Act of 1774 (Charge #20).
136: Reason.
137: References to King George III in the Declaration of Independence.
138: Refused Assent to Colonial Laws (Charge #1).
139: Refused to Cause Others to Be Elected (Charge #6).
140: Refused to Pass Other Laws (Charge #3).
141: Remember the Ladies.
142: Representative (Republican) Government.
143: Reputation of the Declaration of Independence.
144: Resolutions Introduced by Richard Henry Lee (June 7, 1776).
145: Revolution.
146: Rhode Island and Its Signers.
147: The Rights of Great Britain Asserted Against the Claims of America (Macpherson).
148: Rush’s (Benjamin) Characters of the Signers.
149: Scottish Enlightenment.
150: Second Continental Congress.
151: Secrecy.
152: Self-Evident Truths.
153: Signers, Collective Profile.
154: Signing of the Declaration of Independence.
155: Slavery.
156: South Carolina and Its Signers.
157: Standing Armies (Charge #11).
158: State Constitutions and the Declaration of Independence.
159: Statue of Liberty.
160: Stone Engraving of the Declaration of Independence.
161: Strictures Upon the Declaration of Independence (Hutchinson).
162: Style of the Declaration of Independence.
163: Suffolk Resolves of 1774.
164: A Summary View of the Rights of British America (Jefferson).
165: Supreme Court and the Declaration of Independence.
166: Suspending Legislatures (Charge #22).
167: Sussex Declaration.
168: Syng Inkstand.
169: Taking Away Our Charters (Charge #21).
170: Taxes (Charge #17).
171: Temperature on July 4, 1776.
172: Timing of the Declaration of Independence.
173: Tories.
174: Trade (Charge #16).
175: Translations of the Declaration of Independence.
176: Transporting Large Armies of Foreign Mercenaries (Charge #25).
177: Transporting Us Beyond Seas (Charge #19).
178: Treason.
179: Trial by Jury (Charge #18).
180: Trumbull, John (Paintings).
181: Tyler Engraving of the Declaration of Independence.
182: Tyranny.
183: Unalienable Rights.
184: United States of America (Name).
185: U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.
186: Virginia and Its Signers.
187: Virginia Constitution of 1776.
188: Virginia Declaration of Rights.
189: Virginia Resolution of May 15, 1776.