Biography and Genealogy Master Index Series

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  • The BIOGRAPHY AND GENEALOGY MASTER INDEX is designed to help you easily determine which publication to consult for biographical information. Indexed sources cover both living and deceased persons from every field of activity and from every country in the world. Typically current, readily available, standard reference works are indexed. Look for supplement volume updates to this valuable biographical research tool twice a year. These volumes are cumulated every five years. More than 15 million citations compiled from more than 5,000 editions and volumes of approximately 1,700 current and retrospective biographical sources are included in the BIOGRAPHY AND GENEALOGY MASTER INDEX base set and its supplements. In total, BIOGRAPHY AND GENEALOGY MASTER INDEX provides coverage of nearly 5 million contemporary and historical figures from authors to scientists, from boxers to fashion designers, from Adam and Eve to Frank Zappa.


Features and Benefits

  • Contains names, birth/ death years, bibliographic references to books containing material on that person, and an indication of which books or articles include a portrait.
  • Indexed sources include biographical dictionaries and who's whos, subject encyclopedias, volumes of literary criticism, and indexes.
  • Also includes sources that restrict coverage to specialized areas, such as education/science, history, literature, religion, politics, performing arts, visual arts, and more.
  • Cross-references appearing in indexed publications have been retained to further aid research.