Progress in Mathematical Relativity, Gravitation and Cosmology, 1st Edition

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This book contains contributions from the Spanish Relativity Meeting, ERE 2012, held in GuimarĂ£es, Portugal, September 2012. It features more than 70 papers on a range of topics in general relativity and gravitation, from mathematical cosmology, numerical relativity and black holes to string theory and quantum gravity. Under the title 'Progress in Mathematical Relativity, Gravitation and Cosmology,' ERE 2012 was attended by an exceptional international list of over a hundred participants from the five continents and over forty countries. ERE is organized every year by one of the Spanish or Portuguese groups working in this area and is supported by the Spanish Society of Gravitation and Relativity (SEGRE).This book will be of interest to researchers in mathematics and physics.

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1: Plenary Sessions.
2: Linearized Gravitational Waves Near Space-Like and Null Infinity.
3: Lovelock Theory, Black Holes and Holography.
4: Braneworld Black Holes.
5: BPS Black Holes in String Theory.
6: Geometry of General Hypersurfaces, Constraint Equations and Applications to Shells.
7: Cosmological Gravitational Waves and Einstein–Straus Voids.
8: Construction of Oscillatory Singularities.
9: Inverse Scattering Construction of Dipole Black Rings.
10: Quantum Cosmology: Meeting SUSY.
11: Parallel Sessions.
12: Avoiding the Trans-Planckian Problem in Black Hole Physics.
13: A 2D Field Theory Equivalent to 3D Gravity with No Cosmological Constant.
14: The Holographic Ricci Dark Energy and Its Possible Doomsdays.
15: Black-Hole Lattices.
16: Axial Quasi-Normal Modes of Neutron Stars with Exotic Matter.
17: The Quantum Scalar Field in Spherically Symmetric Loop Quantum Gravity.
18: The Spectrum of Gravitational Waves in an f(R) Model with a Bounce.
19: On the Isotropization of a 3-Brane in an Extra-Dimensional Tolman–Bondi Universe.
20: Phase Transitions in General Gravity Theories.
21: Concordance Cosmology with Particle Creation.
22: Quasinormal Modes from a Naked Singularity.
23: n-DBI Gravity: A Short Overview.
24: Radiation from a D-Dimensional Collision of Shock Waves: A Summary of the First Order Results.
25: Radiation from a D-Dimensional Collision of Shock Waves: Numerics and a Charged Case.
26: Relativistic Positioning Systems in Flat Space-Time: The Location Problem.
27: BSSN Equations in Spherical Coordinates Without Regularization.
28: Hidden Momentum in the Framework of Gravitoelectromagnetism.
29: Comparing Results for a Global Metric from Analytical Perturbation Theory and a Numerical Code.
30: Thick Dirac–Nambu–Goto Branes on Black Hole Backgrounds.
31: Cosmological Applications of Extended Electromagnetism.
32: General Relativistic Simulations of the Collapsar Scenario.
33: Cleaning up a Tiny Part of the Exact Solution's Augean Stable.
34: Towards Degeneracy Problem Breaking by Large Scale Structures Methods.
35: Geometric and Thermodynamic Aspects of Charged Black Holes in Nonlinear Electrodynamics.
36: Properties of Holographic Dark Energy at the Hubble Length.
37: Complete Quantization of Scalar Cosmological Perturbations.
38: Null Geodesics of Black Holes in String Theory.
39: The Causal Boundary of Spacetimes Isocausal to Standard Stationary Ones.
40: A New Numerical Approach to Estimate the Sunyaev–Zel'dovich Effect.
41: Hawking Radiation for a Proca Field: Numerical Strategy.
42: Perturbations of Kantowski–Sachs Models with a Cosmological Constant.
43: On the Uniqueness of the Energy and Momenta of an Asymptotically Minkowskian Space-Time: The Case of the Schwarzschild Metric.
44: Matter and Ricci Collineations.
45: Self-Gravitating Newtonian Disks Revisited.
46: Weyl Curvature Hypothesis in Terms of Spacetime Thermodynamics.
47: On the Properties of Exact Solutions Endowed with Negative Mass.
48: On the Bergqvist Approach to the Penrose Inequality.
49: Inhomogeneous Loop Quantum Cosmology: Hybrid Quantization and Approximated Solutions.
50: Black Holes in Extended Gravity Theories in Palatini Formalism.
51: What Is a Reasonable Spacetime? Some Remarks on the Hole-Free Condition.
52: Optimal Time Travel in the Gödel Universe.
53: Diagonal Future of Some Non-Diagonal Bianchi A Spacetimes with Matter of Vlasov Type.
54: Stability of the Einstein Static Universe in Massive Gravity.
55: Tilted Lemaître Model and the Dark Flow.
56: Accelerating f(T) Gravity Models Constrained by Recent Cosmological Data.
57: Kasner Solution in Brans–Dicke Theory and Its Corresponding Reduced Cosmology.
58: Revisiting Hartle's Model for Relativistic Rotating Stars.
59: Is General Relativity a v/c → 0 Limit of a Finsler Geometry?.
60: Phenomenology of Unified Dark Matter Models with Fast Transition.
61: Locating Objects Away from Earth Surface: Positioning Accuracy.
62: SN and BAO Constraints on (New) Polynomial Dark Energy Parametrizations.
63: Remarks on the Stability Operator for MOTS.
64: CMB Anisotropies by Collapsing Textures.
65: Relative Motions of Free Test Particles in Robinson–Trautman Spacetimes of Any Dimension.
66: Connection between Horizons and Algebraic Type.
67: Dynamics of Apparent Horizons in Quantum Gravitational Collapse.
68: Thermodynamical Inequivalence of Stress-Energy and Spin Tensors.
69: Wormholes and Off-Diagonal Solutions in f(R,T), Einstein and Finsler Gravity Theories.
70: Conformally Reducible Perfect Fluids with 2-Spaces of Constant Curvature.
71: Optimal Time Travel in the Gödel Universe.
72: Velocity-of-Light Surfaces in Kerr and Extreme Kerr.
73: Poster Presentations.
74: The Spin-2 Equation on Minkowski Background.
75: Matching the Linet–Tian Spacetime with Conformally Flat Cylindrically Symmetric Sources.
76: Phase Structure of Black Di-Ring in Five-Dimensional Asymptotically Flat Vacuum Gravity.
77: Spectrum from an Initially Anisotropic Universe.