World War I and Revolution in Russia, 1914-1918: Records of the British Foreign Office

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This collection documents the Russian entrance into World War I and culminates in reporting on the Revolution in Russia in 1917 and 1918. The documents consist primarily of correspondence between the British Foreign Office, various British missions and consulates in the Russian Empire and the Tsarist government and later the Provisional Government. This collection comprises the complete contents of the former Scholarly Resources microfilm collection entitled British Foreign Office: Russia Correspondence, 1914-1918.

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Archives Unbound Series

Introducing Archives Unbound -- a vast new resource that combines the best of legacy microfilms from Gale and Primary Source Media and new, never-before-filmed collections. Specifically developed to address the needs of individual scholars, universities, and organizations, Archives Unbound is unique not only for its expansive, multi-disciplinary content but also for the distinct new intuitive search platform by which it is accessed.

Features and Benefits

  • The General Correspondence files were and still are the main repository for the documents collected by the British Foreign Office.
  • The files contain the vast majority of the documentation received and created by the Foreign Office, which was established in January of 1782.
  • These are the working papers of the Foreign Office used in the development of British foreign policy.
  • The information contained in these documents was often classified and was not made available for study outside of the British government until many years after the documents were created.
  • This publication contains copies of the Political class of General Correspondence.