Fifty Years Of Nuclear Bcs: Pairing In Finite Systems, 1st Edition

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This unique volume reviews more than fifty years of theoretical and experimental developments of the concept that properties of atomic nuclei up to a great extent are defined by the pair correlations of nuclear constituents - protons and neutrons. Such correlations in condensed matter are responsible for quantum phenomena on a macroscopic level - superfluidity and superconductivity. After introducing Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) theory of superconductivity of metals, it became clear that atomic nuclei have properties of superfluid drops, and practically all features of nuclei strongly depend on the pair correlations. Presenting a comprehensive overview of the progress of nuclear science, the contributions from leading physicists around the world, cover the whole spectrum of studies in nuclear physics and physics of other small systems. With the most updated information written in an accessible way, the volume will serve as an irreplaceable source of references covering many years of development and insight into several new problems at the frontiers of science. It will be useful not only for physicists working in nuclear and condensed matter physics, astrophysicists, chemists and historians of science, but will also help students understand the current status and perspectives for the future.

Table of Contents

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1: BCS Pairing (and Beyond) in Nuclear Structure and Dynamics.
2: Pair Correlations in Nuclei: Copenhagen, 1958.
3: The BCS-BRST Solution to the Nuclear Pairing Problem. A Case of Broken Symmetries.
4: Nuclear Pairing: Basic Phenomena Revisited.
5: Hartree Fock Bogoliubov Solution of the Pairing Hamiltonian in Finite Nuclei.
6: Spatial Structure of Cooper Pairs in Nuclei.
7: Pairing beyond Bcs.
8: Pairing in Finite Systems: Beyond the HFB Theory.
9: Superfluid Local Density Approximation: A Density Functional Theory Approach to the Nuclear Pairing Problem.
10: BCS-Pairing and Nuclear Vibrations.
11: Microscopic Description of Nuclear Vibrations: Relativistic QRPA and Its Extensions with Quasiparticle-Vibration Coupling.
12: Isoscalar and Isovector Neutron–Proton Pairing.
13: Pairing in Heated Nuclei in the Shell Model Monte Carlo Approach.
14: Pairing and Realistic Shell-Model Interactions.
15: Pairing in Light and Exotic Nuclei.
16: Exact Solutions for Pairing Interactions.
17: Thomas Fermi Studies of Pairing in Inhomogeneous Systems: Nuclear and Cold Atom Systems at Overflow.
18: The Nuclear Pairing Interaction in Finite Nuclei and in Neutron Stars.
19: Pairing in Finite Nuclei from Lowmomentum Two and Three-Nucleon Interactions.
20: Medium Polarization Effects on the Superfluidity of Finite Nuclei and of the Inner Crust of Neutron Stars.
21: Microscopic Origin of Pairing.
22: Phonon Coupling and the Single-Particle Characteristics of Sn Isotopes.
23: Pairing: From Atomic Nuclei to Neutron Star Crusts.
24: Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Pairing Matters.
25: Pairing and Nuclear Level Densities.
26: Pairing and the Cooling of Neutron Stars.
27: Induced Pairing Interaction in Neutron Star Matter.
28: Superfluid Pairing in Neutrons and Cold Atoms.
29: Pairing with Correlated Wave Functions: BCS in CBF.
30: Single- and Multiple-Pair Tunneling in Nuclear Reactions.
31: Study of (p, t) Reactions in Halo Nuclei with Inverse Kinematics and Active Targets.
32: Probing Neutron Pair Transfer with Borromean Isotopes of Helium.
33: Enhanced Two Nucleon Transfer Due to Pairing Correlations.
34: Study of BCS Occupation Numbers and Spectroscopic Factors from One Nucleon Transfer Reactions.
35: Experimental Studies of Neutron Proton Pairing.
36: Experimental Establishment of the Nuclear Pairing Phases.
37: Reaction Mechanisms of Pair Transfer.
38: Cooper Pair Correlations and Energetic Knock-Out Reactions.
39: Pairing Correlations with Single Cooper Pair Transfer to Individual Quantal States.
40: Pairing in Nuclei in an External Time-Reversal Violating Field: Rapidly Rotating Nuclei.
41: Experimental View of Backbending and BCS.
42: Berry Phase and Backbending.
43: Pairing at High Spin.
44: Projection Methods, Variational Diagonalization of the Pairing Hamiltonian and Restoration of Rotational and Gauge Invariance.
45: Pairing Fluctuations and Gauge Symmetry Restoration in Rotating Superfluid Nuclei.
46: Pairing Correlations at Superdeformation.
47: The Nuclear BCS (Pairing) Paradigm in Other Many-Body Systems.
48: Pairing in Finite Electronic Systems: Nanoclusters and Potential for Room Temperature Superconductivity, Organic Molecules.
49: Thermal Signatures of Pairing Correlations in Nuclei and Metal Nanoparticles.
50: The BEC–BCS Crossover in Ultracold Fermi Gases.
51: More Is Different: 50 Years of Nuclear BCS.