The United States at War, 1st Edition

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The United States was forged as a nation in a war, and through its long history, it has repeatedly had to go back to war to protect its independence and the freedoms on which it was founded. Although war runs counter to the democratic principles of the United States, it is an unavoidable central theme of American history. The United States at War addresses this theme by offering compact surveys of the most important military conflicts in which the United States has been involved--from the Revolutionary War through the Iraq War of 2003. The two-volume set's 177 essays examine these conflicts from a variety of perspectives, ranging from detailed discussions of individual battles to overviews of the broader ramifications of the conflicts. The basic arrangement is chronological, with individual sections on twelve wars and periods of conflict. All the essays have standardized ready-reference top matter that allows readers to see the most salient facts about each topic at a glance. Every section also contains an extensive bibliography on the conflict, and more general sources on military history are listed in an appendix bibliography.

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The United States at War.
1: Revolutionary War 1775–1783.
2: Revolutionary War.
3: Censorship during the Revolution.
4: Women in the Revolutionary War.
5: Campaigns, Battles, and Other Events.
March, 1770: Boston Massacre.
December, 1773: Boston Tea Party.
April, 1775: Battles of Lexington and Concord.
May, 1775: Battle of Fort Ticonderoga.
June, 1775: Battle of Bunker Hill.
December, 1775: Battle of Quebec.
August, 1776: Battle of Long Island.
September, 1776: Experiments in Submarine Warfare.
October, 1776: Battle of White Plains.
December, 1776: Battle of Trenton.
January, 1777: Battle of Princeton.
August, 1777: Battle of Oriskany Creek.
September, 1777: Battle of Brandywine.
October, 1777: Battle of Germantown.
October, 1777: Battle of Saratoga.
February, 1778: Franco-American Treaties.
June, 1778: Battle of Monmouth.
September-October, 1779: Siege of Savannah.
April-May, 1780: Siege of Charleston.
August, 1780: Battle of Camden.
October, 1780: Battle of King's Mountain.
January, 1781: Battle of Cowpens.
October, 1781: Surrender at Yorktown.
September, 1783: Treaty of Paris.
Further Reading.
6: War of 1812: 1812–1814.
7: War of 1812.
8: Censorship during the War.
9: Campaigns, Battles, and Other Events.
September, 1813: Battle of Lake Erie.
October, 1813: Battle of the Thames.
September, 1814: Battle of Lake Champlain.
September, 1814: Battle of Baltimore.
January, 1815: Battle of New Orleans.
February, 1815: Treaty of Ghent.
Further Reading.
10: Mexican War: 1846–1848.
11: Mexican War.
12: Censorship during the War.
13: Campaigns, Battles, and Other Events.
June, 1835–October, 1836: Texas Revolution.
February-March, 1836: Battle of the Alamo.
April, 1836: Battle of San Jacinto.
June, 1846–January, 1847: Occupation of California and the Southwest.
September, 1846: Battle of Monterrey.
February, 1847: Battle of Buena Vista.
April, 1847: Battle of Cerro Gordo.
September, 1847: Siege of Chapultepec.
February, 1848: Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
Further Reading.
14: Civil War: 1861–1865.
15: Civil War.
16: Weapons, Tactics, and Strategies.
17: Conscription.
18: Censorship during the War.
19: Justice during the War.
20: U.S. Supreme Court during the War.
21: Native American Combatants in the War.
22: Women in the War.
23: Campaigns, Battles, and Other Events.
October, 1859: Harpers Ferry.
April, 1861: Battle of Fort Sumter.
July, 1861: First Battle of Bull Run.
February, 1862: Battle of Fort Donelson.
March, 1862: Monitor vs. Virginia.
April, 1862: Battle of Shiloh.
June-July, 1862: Seven Days' Battles.
August, 1862: Second Battle of Bull Run.
September, 1862: Battle of Antietam.
October, 1862: Battle of Corinth.
December, 1862: Battle of Fredericksburg.
May, 1863: Battle of Chancellorsville.
July, 1863: Battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg.
September, 1863: Battle of Chickamauga.
November, 1863: Battle of Chattanooga.
May, 1864: Battle of the Wilderness.
May, 1864: Battle of Spotsylvania Court House.
June, 1864: Battle of Cold Harbor.
June, 1864–April, 1865: Siege of Petersburg.
November, 1864–April, 1865: Sherman's March to the Sea.
December, 1864: Battle of Savannah.
December, 1864: Battle of Nashville.
April, 1865: Surrender at Appomattox.
Further Reading.
24: Spanish-American War: 1898.
25: Spanish-American War.
26: Censorship during the War.
27: Campaigns, Battles and Other Events.
July, 1898: Battle of San Juan/El Caney.
February, 1899–July, 1902: Philippine Insurrection.
Further Reading.
28: World War I: 1914–1918.
29: World War I.
30: Weapons, Tactics, and Strategies.
31: The Air War.
32: Censorship during the War.
33: Propaganda and Civil Liberties during the War.
34: U.S. Supreme Court during the War.
35: Women in the War.
36: Campaigns, Battles, and Other Events.
June, 1917: The Espionage Act.
July, 1917: Mobilization.
September, 1918: Battle of St. Mihiel.
September-November, 1918: Meuse-Argonne Offensive.
November, 1918: Postwar Demobilization.
January, 1919–July, 1921: Treaty of Versailles.
Further Reading.