Alternative Healing in American History: An Encyclopedia from Acupuncture to Yoga, 1st Edition

  • Michael Shally-Jensen
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  • ISBN-10: 1440860343
  • ISBN-13: 9781440860348
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  • 432 Pages | eBook
  • Original Copyright 2019 | Published/Released October 2019
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Offering insightful accounts of everything from aging prevention to voodoo & SanterĂ­a, this book situates each popular approach in the history and culture of health and wellness in America. Moreover, the book shows that orthodox medicine and unconventional approaches may have more in common than many people think, because both are subject to the changing nature of the medical understanding and the strength of their appeal to consumers. While the main focus is on remedies lying outside the medical mainstream, the book also highlights how many widely accepted therapeutic treatments of the past-for example, the water cure (hydrotherapy) or lobotomy (psychosurgery)-fell out of favor and were quickly forgotten. Besides examining popular healing techniques, the book also explores the changing nature of the medical marketplace and how once-standard treatments (e.g., leeching, psychoanalysis) have had their ups and downs. Comprises chronological sections from pre-1900 to the present.

Table of Contents

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Alphabetical List of Entries.
1: Bloodletting and Leeching.
2: Chinese Traditional Medicine.
3: Folk Medicine.
4: Homeopathy.
5: Hydrotherapy.
6: Hysteria.
7: Medicine Shows.
8: Mesmerism and Hypnotherapy.
9: Moral TReatment.
10: Native American Traditional Medicine.
11: Neurasthenia, Or Nervous Exhaustion.
12: Patent Medicines.
13: Phrenology.
14: Purgatives and Emetics.
15: Sanatoriums.
16: Sanitation Campaigns and Public Health.
17: Spas and Mineral Waters.
18: Spiritualism.
19: Witch Trials and Exorcisms.
20: Anthroposophic Medicine.
21: Anxiety and Its Treatment.
22: Art and Music Therapy.
23: Behavioral Theories and Therapies.
24: Chiropractic.
25: Client-Centered Therapy.
26: Depression and Its Treatment.
27: Dianetics.
28: Diet and Exercise.
29: Dream Interpretation.
30: Electroconvulsive Therapy.
31: Faith Healing and Prayer.
32: Gestalt Therapy.
33: Jung and Jungian Analysis.
34: Lobotomy and Other “Psychosurgeries”.
35: Mental Hospitals.
36: Orgone Therapy.
37: Osteopathy.
38: Psychoanalysis.
39: Sex, Sexology, and Sex Therapy.
40: 12-Step Programs.
1960s–1970s Introduction.
41: Acupuncture.
42: Alternative Diagnostics.
43: Aromatherapy and Essential Oils.
44: Astrology.
45: Ayurvedic Medicine.
46: Biofeedback.
47: Craniosacral Therapy.
48: Dance Therapy.
49: Encounter Groups.
50: Est and Other “Human Potential” Therapies.
51: Existential Psychotherapy.
52: Feldenkrais Method.
53: Herbal Remedies.
54: Macrobiotics.
55: Magnet Therapy.
56: Meditation and Mindfulness.
57: Milieu Therapy and Therapeutic Community.
58: Primal Therapy and Feeling Therapy.
59: Reflexology.
60: Rolfing.
61: Vegetarianism.
62: Voodoo and Santería.
63: Yoga.
64: Aging Prevention, or “Successfulaging”.
65: Anger and Anger Management.
66: Antioxidants.
67: Codependency Counseling.
68: Crystals.
69: Detox Diets.
70: Diet Pills and Metabolism Boosters.
71: Guided Imagery, or Visualization.
72: Health and Wellness Gurus.
73: Infomercials and Wellness Promotion.
74: Juice and Juicing.
75: Mind–Body Medicine.
76: Naturopathic Medicine.
77: Past Life Regression Therapy.
78: Recovered Memory Therapy, “Split Personality,” and Satanism.
79: Recovery Movement.
80: Reiki and Therapeutic Touch.
81: Self-Help.
82: Shamanism and Neo-Shamanism.
83: Shiatsu.
84: Stress and Stress Management.
85: Sweat Lodges and Saunas.
86: Tai Chi and Qigong.
87: Vitamins and Minerals.
88: Walking and Jogging.
89: Bottled Water.
90: Breathwork.
91: Cupping.
92: Deep Brain Stimulation.
93: Drama Therapy.
94: Eating Organic.
95: Fat and Obesity Surgery—and Other Weight-Loss Methods.
96: Narrative Therapy and Writing Therapy.
97: Neurodiversity.
98: Paleo Diet.
99: Pet Therapy.
100: Psychedelic Drugs.
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