Encyclopedia of World Biography: 2002 Supplement, 2nd Edition

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Each annual supplement to the Encyclopedia of World Biography, 2nd Edition, contains 200 biographical entries new to the set. Each volume includes a balance of historic and contemporary figures who, like those appearing in the Encyclopedia of World Biography base set, have made a significant contribution to human culture and society. Entries offer an in-depth biographical essay approximately 2,000 words in length, as well as a bibliographic section, which may include books, periodicals, or online websites to consult for further research. Many entries include a portrait of the individual.


"Simply outstanding! This remarkable resource is an essential ingredient for all middle and secondary schools, and elementary libraries should look carefully at this resource for fourth and fifth graders." -- The Social Studies Educator (http://edla.aum.edu) (March 2000)

— Social Studies Educator

"In addition to high-profile individuals . . . it includes others whose contributions were less celebrated but nonetheless left their mark on American life. With the addition of these lives, the value of the Encyclopedia of World Biography has increased." -- Rettig on Reference on gale.com (February 1999)

— Rettig on Reference

"These essays use simple language and explain terms that might be unfamiliar to young readers...the entries are readable and quite useful." --ARBA, August 2008


"Readable and quite useful." -- ARBA (January 2003)


"A comprehensive source for biographical information."

— other than publication