Propaganda from the American Civil War, 1st Edition

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This illuminating reference contains excerpts from propaganda generated during the American Civil War, as well as contextual analysis to assist readers in understanding its utility, importance, and effect. It includes written arguments, staged photographs, and political cartoons, all of which were used to advance one side's objectives while undermining the enemy's. It offers an understanding of each side’s underlying arguments as well as their willingness to distort the truth for political, military, or economic advantage. Organized chronologically, the book explains how propaganda was developed and expanded throughout the war. Chapters are dedicated to each of the war years (1861-1865) and the antebellum and postwar periods. Each document includes an analysis of the significance and effectiveness of the piece and guides readers to examine it with a critical eye. Original source documents remain as written, including spelling errors and other aspects of 19th-century communication.

Table of Contents

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Documents through 1860.
1: Abolition Frowned Down (Lithograph).
2: A View of the Action of the Federal Government in Behalf of Slavery.
3: “Thoughts on Slavery”.
4: Slavery and the Constitution.
5: “‘The Higher Law’ in Its Application to the Fugitive Slave Bill”.
6: Uncle Tom's Cabin; or, Life among the Lowly.
7: Aunt Phillis's Cabin; or, Southern Life As It Is.
8: Negroes and Negro Slavery.
9: The North and the South.
10: “What Makes Slavery a Question of National Concern?”.
11: Forcing Slavery Down the Throat of a Freesoiler (Lithograph).
12: The Democratic Platform (Lithograph).
13: “Dixie's Land” (Song).
14: “The Crisis”.
15: “Benedict's ‘Wide Awake’ Poem”.
16: “The Union Must Be Preserved! Four Crisis Letters”.
17: “A Platform for All Parties”.
18: “The Causes and Remedies of Impending National Calamities”.
19: “An Ordinance to Dissolve the Union between the State of South Carolina and Other States”.
20: “Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union”.
Documents from 1861.
21: “Slavery: A Divine Institution”.
22: “God Save the South” (Poem).
23: The Hercules of the Union (Lithograph).
24: “An Address on the Aspect of National Affairs and the Right of Secession”.
25: “The Nineteenth of April,” 1861 (Song).
26: “The Massachusetts Line” (Song).
27: “The Great Drama; an Appeal to Mary land”.
28: “Western Virginia on the Seizure of Sherrard Clemens” (Song).
29: “New England” (Song).
30: “Cairo” (Song).
31: “Secession: A Folly and a Crime”.
32: “After Some Time Be Past”.
33: “The Fallacy of Neutrality”.
34: “God's Way of Crushing the Rebellion”.
35: “All Quiet Along the Potomac To-Night” (Poem).
36: “Annual Message of the President”.
37: Volunteering Down Dixie (Lithograph).
38: “The Army of the Potomac, and Its Mismanagement”.
39: “The Confederate Flag: Red, White & Blue” (Song).
Documents from 1862.
40: “Secession: In the Future”.
41: “Battle Cry of Freedom” (Song).
42: “Rally Round the Flag Boys!” (Song).
43: “Are the Southern Privateersmen Pirates?”.
44: “A Letter to a Friend in a Slave State”.
45: “Some Thoughts on the Pacification of the Country, for the Consideration of the North and the South”.
46: “Martial Law: What Is It? And Who Can Declare It?”.
47: “The History and Theory of Revolutions”.
48: “Put It Through!” (Song).
49: “Indemnity for the Past and Security for the Future”.
50: Thoughts for the Times: Addressed to the Considerate People of the Northern States.
51: “Soldiers of Our Army”.
52: “Confiscation of Rebel Property”.
53: Morgan's Message to Kentucky.
54: “On the Recognition of the Southern Confederation”.
55: Song of the Exempts.
56: “Washington and Lincoln” (Song).
57: “Stonewall Jackson's Way” (Song).
58: The Emancipation Proclamation.
59: “Treason and the Punishment It Deserves”.
60: “Martial Law”.
61: “A Compromise” (Song).
62: “A Proclamation by the Confederate President”.
63: “Abraham's Daughter, or Raw Recruits” (Song).
Documents from 1863.
64: “The Continent Is Trembling”.
65: Fourteen Months in American Bastiles.
66: “West Point and the War”.
67: “Starved in Prison” (Song).
68: “A Call to My Countrywomen”.
69: “Curses Coming Home to Roost”.
70: “Forward or Backward?”.
71: “Freemen, Awake!! Declaration and Protest of Liberty against Usurpation and Tyranny”.
72: “A Voice from North-Carolina”.
73: “For the Croakers”.
74: “War, a Necessary Evil”.
75: “The Arguments of Secessionists”.
76: “Neutral Relations of England and the United States”.
77: “France, Mexico, and the Confederate States”.
78: “The Cowards Are Coming” (Song).
79: “The Gettysburg Address”.
80: “Third Annual Message of President Davis”.
Documents from 1864.
81: “The War and Its Close: A Discourse”.
82: “Gideon's Water-Lappers”.
83: The True Peace Commissioners (Lithograph).
84: The True Issue or “Thats Whats the Matter” (Lithograph).
85: “Our Captive Soldiers” (Song).
86: “Corruptions and Frauds of Lincoln's Administration”.
87: Compromise with the South (Lithograph).
88: “Peace through Victory: A Thanksgiving Sermon”.
89: “Mayor and Council of Atlanta to Sherman”.
90: “Reply of Maj. Gen. Sherman to the Mayor of Atlanta”.
91: “Coercion Completed, or Treason Triumphant”.
92: “A Song for the Boys”.
93: “Lincoln or McClellan: Appeal to the Germans in America”.
94: “Message from the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress”.
Documents from 1865 and Beyond.
95: “The Conquered Banner” (Poem).
96: The Chas-ed “Old Lady” of the C.S.A. (Lithograph).
97: The “Rail Splitter” at Work Repairing the Union (Lithograph).
98: “Can a State Secede? Sovereignty in Its Bearing upon Secession and State Rights”.
99: “Sherman's March to the Sea” (Song).
100: “The Nation” (Poem).
101: “The Burning of Columbia, S.C.”.
102: “The Blue and the Gray” (Poem).
103: The Great American Tanner (Lithograph).
104: This Is a White Man's Government (Lithograph).
105: “Address on the Life and Character of Gen. Robert E. Lee”.
106: “The Military-Prison Keepers of the Late Southern Confederacy, in the Van of the Democratic Party”.
107: Of Course He Wants to Vote the Democratic Ticket (Lithograph).
108: “General Sherman's March from Atlanta to the Coast”.
109: “An Humble Belisarius; or the Life of a ‘Johnny Reb’”.
110: “Song of the Irish Veteran”.
111: “Jeff. Davis Spouting Treason” (Song).
112: “Responsibility for the War of Secession”.
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