Naval Administrative Histories of World War II

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"Naval Administrative Histories" were written at the end of World War II to record and provide insights into the administrative aspects of U.S. naval activity in the war. The histories offer a unique combination of documents, photographs, and narrative, by such notables as Walter Lord and James Michener. Until now, they have not been available in any published form. Used in conjunction with Samuel Eliot Morrison's History of the United States Naval Operations in World War II, the administrative histories offer scholars the most complete source available on the U.S. Navy's wartime role.

The histories are available individually or in topical sections listed below.

Produced in cooperation with the Naval Historical Center and the Navy Department Library

Sections Available


Office of the Secretary of the Navy S3221 176 fiche

Commander in Chief, United States Fleet S3222 9 fiche

Office of the Chief of Naval Operations S3223 85 fiche

Office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Air) S3224 125 fiche

Office of the Commandant, United States Marine Corps S3225 10 fiche

Bureau of Aeronautics S3226 105 fiche

Bureau of Medicine and Surgery S3227 25 fiche

Bureau of Ordnance S3228 91 fiche

Bureau of Naval Personnel S3229 239 fiche

Bureau of Ships S3230 16 fiche

Bureau of Supplies and Accounts S3231 113 fiche

Bureau of Yards and Docks S3232 12 fiche


Naval Districts S3233 441 fiche

Chief of Naval Operations Shore Activities S3234 32 fiche

Bureau of Ordnance Shore Activities S3235 102 fiche

Bureau of Supplies and Accounts Activities S3236 24 fiche


Atlantic S3237 142 fiche

Pacific S3238 215 fiche

Sea Frontiers and Operating Bases S3239 135 fiche

Topical Histories S3240 33 fiche

2,130 fiche