The Papers of Gen. Nathanael Greene, Part 1: December 23, 1766-July 31, 1780

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At the time of his appointment to the Continental Army in June 1775, Natanael Greene (1742-1785) was the country’s youngest general and the only one who had never before held a military commission. He went on to become one of Washington's; finest division commanders. The Papers of General Nathanael Greene consists of typed transcripts of military orders and documents, correspondence with nearly every other American leader, and letterbooks from his tenure as commissary general of the Continental Army and, after 1780, as American commander in the southern colonies. Some 600 letters between Washington and Greene are included. The papers are arranged chronologically within the collection, and a sender-recipient index is profiled in the printed guide to the microfilm.

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  • Robert E. McCarthy


"Scholars will welcome the publication of all known Nathanael Greene correspondence. One cannot understand the military dimensions of the American Revolution without a thorough knowledge of Greene and his manuscripts." -Don Higginbotham, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

— Don Higginbotham