Politics, Social Activism, and Community Support: Selected Gay and Lesbian Periodicals and Newsletters

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This collection of periodicals focuses on newsletters issued by gay and lesbian political and social activist organizations throughout the country and on periodicals devoted to gay and lesbian political and social activist agendas—the "public" face of gay and lesbian activism. In addition, this collection includes serial literature on its "private" face, exploring the challenges and complexities of building gay and lesbian communities inside and outside of a "straight" world, the need for psychological reinforcement through support groups in an effort combat an often hostile environment, and the yearning for spiritual confirmation of one's identity and life choices.

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Archives Unbound Series

Introducing Archives Unbound -- a vast new resource that combines the best of legacy microfilms from Gale and Primary Source Media and new, never-before-filmed collections. Specifically developed to address the needs of individual scholars, universities, and organizations, Archives Unbound is unique not only for its expansive, multi-disciplinary content but also for the distinct new intuitive search platform by which it is accessed.

Features and Benefits

  • More than 200 newsletter and periodical titles totaling nearly 8,000 issues.
  • Strong in newsletters from organizations that began their work during the formative years of the gay and lesbian movement.
  • Most of these organizations are now defunct and their newsletters are the only record of their history and contribution to the movement.