Science in World War II

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This collection provides nine classic works on the efforts of U.S. scientists in the war. The first eight volumes tell the history of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, while the ninth volume presents a model of relations between the state and science.

Scientists against Time, James P. Baxter III. Boston, 1946

Organizing Scientific Research for the War: The Administrative History of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, Irvin Stewart. Boston, 1948

Advances in Military Medicine, E.C. Andrus et al. Boston, 1948

Applied Physics: Electronics, Optics, Metallurgy, C.G. Suit et al., eds. Boston, 1948

Chemistry, W.A. Noyes, ed. Boston, 1948

Combat Scientists, Lincoln R. Thiesmeyer and John E. Burchard. Boston, 1947

New Weapons for Air Warfare: Fire-Control Equipment, Proximity Fuses, and Guided Missiles, Joseph C. Burchard, ed. Boston, 1947

Rockets, Guns, and Targets, John E. Burchard, ed. Boston, 1948

Science: The Endless Frontier, Vannevar Bush. Boston, 1945

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