America, Britain and the War of Independence

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Lord Amherst, Commander in Chief and a member of the Cabinet during the War of Independence and the War of the First Coalition, was an important figure in military history for nearly four decades. Although he was best remembered for his invasion and capture of Canada in 1760, he also played a pivotal role in the American War of Independence. He served as military advisor to the Cabinet and in 1776 was made Baron Amherst. During the war he was in continual contact with the King and his First Minister, and with a diverse range of American governors, ordinary soldiers, and the British political and military elite.

His papers illustrate at first hand the key issues from which the revolution grew. His personal journals and correspondence also detail Amherst's earlier European campaigns, and provide a valuable social and political commentary on the events of the day. They are a must for military historians of the eighteenth century.