A History of Western Civilization, 1st Edition

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Before spawning the dual—and sometimes dueling—behemoths of democracy and capitalism that have become integral to much of the Western world, the European continent was largely comprised of disparate villages, city-states, and kingdoms, with little to unite them. Over time, political, social, and economic philosophies emerged to transform kingdoms into empires. This engaging series takes a broad look at the events, movements, and ideas that created and sustained the countries of Europe, from prehistory through the Renaissance, from the modern era to the present European Union.

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A History of Western Civilization: Advances in Democracy  (ISBN-10: 1615304177 | ISBN-13: 9781615304172)

Beginning with the Industrial Revolution, Europe was seized by the spirit of political and social innovation and reform that has continued into the 21st century. The general atmosphere of the continent, reflected in the Romantic, Realist, and Modernist movements that swept through its nations, reflected a growing cognizance of previously neglected social realities that demanded action. This engaging volume chronicles Europe's transformations from the late 18th century through the present and examines the European response to both prosperity and war.

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A History of Western Civilization: The Ascent of the West  (ISBN-10: 1615303731 | ISBN-13: 9781615303731)

Catalyzed by the introduction of writing and the unifying force of Christianity, prehistoric European societies became flourishing civilizations in the early stages of European history. This period ushered in new technologies and advances in economic, political, and scientific thought that created an enduring cultural link between what would later become disparate nation-states. This illuminating volume provides an overarching view of the early social and intellectual transformations that brought European civilization from its birth in antiquity to its illustrious rebirth during the Renaissance.

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A History of Western Civilization: The Emergence of Modern Europe  (ISBN-10: 1615303936 | ISBN-13: 9781615303939)

At the end of the Renaissance, the Western world was beginning to change. Explorers brought back treasures from other lands. Merchants helped develop the rudiments of a modern economy. The new Protestant religion swept across Europe, sparking the brutal Thirty Year's War with Roman Catholics. By the time of the French Revolution, the world had been introduced to the distinct entities that still largely make up present-day Europe, and to the revolutionary social, cultural, and political philosophies of the enlightenment. Within these pages, readers will encounter the developments that altered the course of Europe's early modern era. The volume contains a wealth of thoroughly researched information complemented by beautiful photographs to draw readers into the remarkable history of the development of this powerful continent.

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