Incunabula: The Printing Revolution in Europe, 1455-1500: Unit 67

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Introduction and selection: Dr. Kristian Jensen (Head of Incunabula, the British Library, London)

Bibles and Commentaries were an important part of 15th Century printing and this collection brings together a wide range of them. As well as numerous Latin editions, including the 42-line "Gutenberg" Bible of 1454/5 and the 36-Line Bamberg bible, there are Czech, French, German and Italian translations. It includes books printed in Rome, Venice, Paris, Lyons, Louvain, Strasbourg, Basel, Cologne, Nuremberg, Speyer, Bamberg and Mainz and works by commentators such as Nicolaus de Lyra, Johannes Marchesinus, Aurelius Augustinus and Gregorius I, amongst others

Unit 67: 368 fiche, 13 titles


"An exceptional tool available to booksellers, scholars, and other specialists of early printing." -- AB Bookmans Weekly

— AB Bookmans Weekly