The Britannica Guide To Africa, 1st Edition

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  • Grade Level Range: 6th Grade - 12th Grade
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  • Original Copyright 2011 | Published/Released April 2012
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Africa is a land where the juxtaposition of ancient customs and modern developments greets its inhabitants daily. After centuries under the influence of foreign invaders, slave traders, and settlers from other lands, African nations relish their independence even though many have encountered several obstacles to stability. Bound by similar struggles and triumphs, they are nevertheless in possession of individual cultures and traditions that have shaped the continent as a whole. This panoramic series takes readers on a journey through time to explore the histories of varied African regions, with an eye toward understanding the nature of the land as a whole.

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The Britannica Guide To Africa: The History of Central and Eastern Africa  (ISBN-10: 1615303960 | ISBN-13: 9781615303960)

The abundance of natural resources endemic to central and eastern Africa has been critical in shaping the trajectory of the civilizations that have made the region their home. Like the rest of the continent, however, the areas' riches also made them vulnerable to slave traders and colonizers who left a devastating legacy in their wake. This engrossing selection documents the history of a region that witnessed some of the world's most brutal and destructive conflicts as well as the birth of several groups who continue to fight for justice and peace in the region.

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The Britannica Guide To Africa: The History of Northern Africa  (ISBN-10: 1615303979 | ISBN-13: 9781615303977)

Alternately identified with either the countries of the Mediterranean, those of the Middle East, or other African territories, the nations of northern Africa occupy a unique physical and historical place. After centuries of fielding various foreign invaders, northern Africans have absorbed and co-opted Greek, Roman, and Arab peoples and traditions, among others. Under the pervasive turmoil that has ensued after colonial rule and internecine warfare, readers will encounter a region of various traditions that stands at a unique crossroads between several very different worlds.

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The Britannica Guide To Africa: The History of Southern Africa  (ISBN-10: 1615303987 | ISBN-13: 9781615303984)

The history of southern Africa is marked by both the convergence and divergence of diverse cultures. Clashes between European settlers and indigenous peoples throughout this section of the continent were common. At stake were rights to a wealth of natural resources and, as time went by, independence. This volume surveys the often volatile histories of each country in the region and introduces readers to the diversity of peoples that are an important element of each country's past and future.

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The Britannica Guide To Africa: The History of Western Africa  (ISBN-10: 1615303995 | ISBN-13: 9781615303991)

From its ancient kingdoms to the independent post-colonial states that make up the region today, western Africa has transformed dramatically over the centuries. Economically lucrative for European slave traders and later for their colonial successors, the territories along Africa's Atlantic coast were forced to overcome great adversity before achieving autonomy. This volume surveys the history of the many nations of western Africa where vestiges of its celebrated past are still visible in cities like Timbuktu and where its diverse peoples continue to navigate a path towards a more stable future.

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