Proceedings of 2013 Chinese Intelligent Automation Conference

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Proceedings of the 2013 Chinese Intelligent Automation Conference presents selected research papers from the CIAC'13, held in Yangzhou, China. The topics include e.g. adaptive control, fuzzy control, neural network based control, knowledge based control, hybrid intelligent control, learning control, evolutionary mechanism based control, multi-sensor integration, failure diagnosis, and reconfigurable control. Engineers and researchers from academia, industry, and government can gain an inside view of new solutions combining ideas from multiple disciplines in the field of intelligent automation. Zengqi Sun and Zhidong Deng are professors at the Department of Computer Science, Tsinghua University, China.

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1: 3D Point Cloud Based Hybrid Maps Reconstruction for Indoor Environments.
2: Efficient Discriminative K-SVD for Facial Expression Recognition.
3: An Improved RANSAC Algorithm of Color Image Stitching.
4: Target Tracking Algorithm Based on Visual Perception Mechanism.
5: Positioning Tropical Cyclone Center in a Single Satellite Image Using Vector Field Analysis.
6: Target Extraction Study on the Vision System of Apple Picking Robot.
7: The Research on the Method of Traffic Area Dynamic Division and Optimization.
8: Multiclass Vehicle Detection Based on Learning Method.
9: An Object-Level Approach Improved by Quadtree to Dynamic Monitoring of Mining Area Expansion.
10: Heuristic Optimization Algorithms for Solving MRMPT.
11: A Delay-Based Analysis of Multiple Bottleneck Links of End-to-End Paths in the Internet.
12: Hand Segmentation Based on Skin Tone and Motion Detection with Complex Backgrounds.
13: Local Reconstruction and Dissimilarity Preserving Semi-Supervised Dimensionality Reduction.
14: Fusion of Gray and Grads Invariant Moments for Feather Quill Crease Recognition.
15: A New Vision Inspired Clustering Approach.
16: Multiclass Vehicle Tracking Based on Local Feature.
17: Simulating Virtual Plants Based on Genetic Algorithm and L-Systems.
18: Shrinkage Common Spatial Pattern for Feature Extraction in Brain-Computer Interface.
19: Detection of Overtaking Vehicles in a Highway.
20: A Generalized Gamma Distributed CFAR Algorithm for Layover and Shadow Detection in InSAR Images.
21: Error Concealment via Best Matching Block Selection Strategy.
22: Preliminary Evaluation of Classification Complexity Measures on Imbalanced Data.
23: A Real-Time Tracking Algorithm Based on Gray Distribution and Distance Kernel Space.
24: Laplacian Regularized D-Optimal Design for Remote Sensing Image Classification.
25: Speaker Tracking Based on Audio-Visual Fusion with Unknown Noise.
26: The Analysis of Epidemic Disease Propagation in Competition Environment.
27: An Entity Answer Ranking Method Based on MLNs.
28: A Chinese Expert Name Disambiguation Approach Based on Spectral Clustering with the Expert Page-Associated Relationships.
29: The Hierarchical Heterogeneous of Parallel Computing Model Based on Method Library.
30: Research on Weakly-Supervised Entity Relation Extraction of Specific Domain Based on Entropy Minimization.
31: Using Fast Sampling-Insensitive Stereo Matching For 2-D Face Recognition.
32: The Detection Method of Printed Registration Deviations Based on Machine Vision.
33: Community Discovering Based on Central Nodes of Social Networks.
34: An Improved Force-Directed Algorithm Based on Emergence for Visualizing Complex Network.
35: Exploring Efficient Communication in Interactive Dynamic Influence Diagrams.
36: A No-Reference Remote Sensing Image Quality Assessment Method Using Visual Information Fidelity Index.
37: 3D Model Feature Extraction Method Based on the Partial Physical Descriptor.
38: Leaf Classification Methods Based on SVM and SIFT.
39: Saliency Preserved Image Fusion Using Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform.
40: Adaptive Wavelet Packet Filter-Bank Based Acoustic Feature for Speech Emotion Recognition.
41: A Novel Decision-Based Algorithm for Removal of Highly Corrupted Images.
42: Research and Design of Process Data Warehouse for Business Process Assessment.
43: A Novel Emergency Cross-Media Information Retrieval Model.
44: A Framework for 3D Model Acquisition from Multi-View Images.
45: Vehicle Tracking Based on Nonlinear Motion Model.
46: Detecting Pedestrian Using Motion Information and Part Detectors.
47: Tracking Algorithm Based on Joint Features.
48: Distributed Audit Secure Data Aggregation for Wireless Sensor Networks.
49: Multi-Expression Based Gene Expression Programming.
50: The Signal Processing Method of Mixed Interference Distributed Fiber-Optic Long-Distance Pipeline Leaks Detection System.
51: Multiple Faces Tracking via Statistical Appearance Model.
52: A Fast Dictionary Training Algorithm for Single Image Super-Resolution.
53: Inner-Knuckle-Print Verification Based on Guided Image Filtering.
54: Face Recognition Using Sequence Combinatorics.
55: Distinction of Breast Tissues Based on Segmented Integral Area of Frequency-Resistance Curves.
56: Vehicle Discrimination Using a Combined Multiple Features Based on Vehicle Face.
57: Fast SIFT Algorithm Using Recursive Gaussian Filters.
58: A Robust Linear Camera Calibration Based on Coplanar Circles.
59: A Multi-Classification Algorithm of Semi-Supervised Support Vector Data Description Based on Pairwise Constraints.
60: Real-Time Vehicle Classification Based on Frequency Domain Energy Spectrum.
61: A New Combination Sampling Method for Imbalanced Data.
62: Breast Tissue Segmentation Using KFCM Algorithm on MR images.
63: Information-Theoretic Clustering for Gaussian Mixture Model via Divergence Factorization.
64: A Method of Acceleration Applied in Symmetric-SIFT and SIFT.
65: A Novel Method of Image Enhancement via Multi – Scale Fuzzy Membership.
66: Adaptive Region Clustering in LDA Framework for Image Segmentation.
67: Methods of Recognizing True and Fake Smiles by Using AU6 and AU12 in a Holistic Way.
68: Constrained Silhouette Based Evolutionary K-Means.
69: Traffic Light Detection and Tracking Based on Euclidean Distance Transform and Local Contour Pattern.
70: Multi-Correlation-Based Mode Decision for Multi-View Video Coding.
71: Automated Discrimination of Gait Patterns Based on sEMG Recognition.
72: Hierarchical Sparse Representation for Traffic Sign Recognition.
73: A New Sequence-Based Approach for XML Data Query.
74: Model-Based Workpiece Positioning for Robotic Fixtureless Assembly Using Parallel Monocular Vision System.
75: Single-Trial Identification of Motor Imagery EEG Based on HHT and SVM.
76: Robust Visual Tracking Using Incremental Sparse Representation.
77: A Study on Design of Early Warning Decision Support System of Desertification.
78: Fast Fusion Method of TT&C Data with Multi-Routing Transmission Model.
79: Discovery of Static Test Configuration Model and Data Model Based on TTCN-3 Test Systems.
80: A New Method of Unknown Radar Signals Sorting.
81: The Creation of Interactive Three-Dimensional Microscope Based on VRML and JavaScript.
82: Research and Implementation of Face Detection System on Android Smart Phone.
83: Image Mosaic Based on SURF and Results Optimization.
84: Improved Blind Source Separation Based on Non-Holonomic Natural Gradient Algorithm with Variable Step Size.
85: Multi-Level Fingerprint Classification Based on Average Frequency of Ridges for Large Scale Fingerprint Database.
86: Two Improved Edge Coloring Algorithms for Data Migration.
87: Medical Image Fusion Algorithm Based on the Laplace-PCA.
88: Filter Parameter Estimation in Non-Local Means Algorithm.
89: Image Fusion Using Compressed Sensing in Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform Domain.
90: The Reverse Loop Subdivision Algorithm on Approximate Minimum Error.
91: A Hybrid Algorithm Based on PBIL Algorithm and Zooming Algorithm and Its Convergence Proof.
92: Image Intensity Correction Under Illumination Changes Based on Mixture Gaussian Model.
93: Maneuver Target Detection Method with Iterative Endpoint Fitting Assisted.
94: Multi-Camera Tracking via Online Discriminative Feature and Multi-Cue MRF.