International Population Census Publications

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This valuable collection is based on The International Population Census Bibliography and The International Population Census Bibliography: Revision and Update, 1946-1977 as supplemented by new acquisitions updates and online catalogue postings.

International Population Census Publications is a vital resource for the study of global census information from the 16th century to the 1980s. Using this easily accessible tool, researchers can conduct comparative studies on social classes, the rural exodus, urbanization and global diasporas, according to criteria such as gender and age. From this data, users can study the changes and developments within a nation's occupational, educational and socio-economic structure. Rare materials--taken from censuses as far back as the 1500s--are also included, and, in many cases, are reproduced from the only editions in existence.

Researchers in demographic and population studies will find this fully indexed resource invaluable. Those engaged in research in sociology, political science, history, geography and anthropology will be able to locate critical statistical information easily and efficiently. In addition, businesses, government and social agencies and town planning departments will find this collection useful for urban planning.

This microform collection is divided into three broad time periods: pre -1945, 1945-1967, and post-1967. The latter period includes information from the1990s and is accompanied by detailed reel guides.

Primary Source Microfilm offers libraries the opportunity to supplement their existing holdings of the International Population Census through the acquisition of discrete geographic and/or historical segments of this acclaimed collection. Segment I: 1945-1967
738 reels

Segment II: Pre -1945
789 reels

Segment III: Post-1967
3,164 reels